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  1. enjr44

    2008 FX4 Fuel Capacity

    The fuel tank capacity is listed as 19.5 gal. What is the actual useable fuel? The warning light comes on at around 16 gal.
  2. enjr44

    1998 & Newer specific Ranger problems.....

    On the 4.0l the thermostat housing/coolant outlet will crack and leak a bunch if you over torque it during maintenance. Got to be really careful with them. Both my Gdaughter's 02 and my 08 have had them replaced.
  3. enjr44

    Rear Brakes

    Thanks for the interest. This is the first time I have ever had someone else do a brake job for me (over 60 years of doing them myself). I decided I was old enough to let someone else do it. So when I got it back I wanted to check it out and wanted a diagram to compare it to. Other than the...
  4. enjr44

    Rear Brakes

    Sgt, I did look there; but, could not find anything specific. Btw, retired AF.
  5. enjr44

    Rear Brakes

    I need an assembly diagram of the rear brakes for a 2008 FX4. All I can locate online is a bunch of unlabeled generic diagrams and pictures that do not have any years attached. I am trying to determine if mine was assembled correctly after a brake job.
  6. enjr44

    Key in Ignition Chime

    There is a door switch that should turn off the chime (break the ground) when the door is closed (key or no key). And inside the column there are two points of failure. So there are two ways for it to malfunction. The electrical connection to the steering column (just a wire with a contact that...
  7. enjr44

    changing out key cylinder?

    I don't know about the doors; but, the ignition cylinder uses both sides of the key. Four (2, 4, 6, 8) on the top side and three (3, 5, 7) on the bottom. I just got a kit from Ford to replace the ignition cylinder because the chime would not stop dinging (I had the key). If you have the passive...
  8. enjr44

    Key in Ignition Chime

    Ok, here is the follow-up on the key chime problem. First the short version and then for any still interested a longer one. It finally really broke, anytime the door was open without the key it dinged. Got the kit. Keying the cylinder was easy; just fiddly (fussy). Replacing it was straight...
  9. enjr44

    Key in Ignition Chime

    2008 Ranger FX4 The chime that tells you the key was left in the ignition cylinder when you open the driver's door is malfunctioning. 1. It does not chime when you open the door with key in cylinder. 2. It randomly sounds with the key removed and the door open. 3. When it does #2 (hum :D) you...
  10. enjr44


    You said it was a 2010 with around 50K on it. Federal law requires a 75K and 8 or 10 years warranty. Google it!!! So unless you just like messing with it, take it in. Don't ask them, tell them its broke.
  11. enjr44

    The Garage seized my 83 2.2 diesel engine

    Ford did not build the engine. They bought it and installed it. It was used in more (many more) things (like forklifts, cars, etc). Parts will be available it will just take searching. Start here - http://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/Diesels.htm
  12. enjr44

    Where is the evaporative emissions canister located?

    The evaporative canister is above the spare tire (at least on an 02 and an 08). You can try to clear the code by disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes (have a cool drink and leave it off an hour). That is what I would try. However, a 455 may be one of those codes you cannot clear with normal...
  13. enjr44

    Engine Code po455 Still runs good

    I am also cheap; but, before I got carried away, I'd try a new fuel cap. Probably not that simple. With my 02 it took the equipment Adsm08 mentioned to determine the canister was the problem.
  14. enjr44

    2008 2.3 w/automatic idles rough

    It is usually because you are using an oiled air filter rather than the dry paper filter Ford recommends.
  15. enjr44

    2002 Hoods

    Ok, this is driving me completely nuts. What type of/model hood is on my 2002 Ranger XLT, 2WD???? How many different hoods did they make?? And what did they put them on?? Bought the truck new in 01, part of deal was a bug shield. Wanted clear (so I could paint the back side of it). Fast...
  16. enjr44

    Tire Pressure Sensor Sys.

    Ok, how does this system work? The 08 has the band type sensors. Turn key to run TSP light on, start it and light goes out. Since it is an FX4 with Level II options it rides, well, like a truck. You feel every pebble and seam in the road until you get above say 40 MPH. So I have the tire...
  17. enjr44

    Instrument Panel Back Lighting

    08 FX4 - Can you get a hand up behind the instrument panel to change a bulb if you remove the big panel (plastic and then steel) under the steering wheel? One burned out bulb and it is driving me nuts. Not nuts enough to pull the cluster.:sad:
  18. enjr44


    The IAC is listed as part of the emissions control system so it should be covered the the Federally mandated emissions warranty. I fact most anything that can cause stalling would be covered. I think that is good for at least 8 years or 80K miles. You need to take control the of the problem ----...
  19. enjr44


    Just an FYI, if engine rpm drops below 400, for safety reasons, the computer shuts off the fuel pump.

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