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  1. parkrangerjeremy

    Fire in the hole done!

    well finally got my ranger wrapped up and done well basically for now here's some finished pics and video https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4736646168556 will have some more pics when i get it washed after this last weekend lol
  2. parkrangerjeremy

    Fire in the Hole almost done

    little bit too much throttle hahaha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiGtVJUPAV0 will have more videos from this weekend up in a little
  3. parkrangerjeremy

    jumping my ranger !

  4. parkrangerjeremy

    650hp ranger on 2.5 tons

    hey guys help me out and vote for my truck i need shocks bad its basically the last thing i need to finish my truck. THANKS >>>http://shockmyride.strutta.com/entry/177504<<< 2.5 tons rockwells that have been mohawked with 48/31/20 logger tires and a 418W stroker engine with about 650hp...
  5. parkrangerjeremy

    Help me win some shocks

    hey guys help me out and vote for my truck i need shocks bad its basically the last thing i need to finish my truck. THANKS >>>http://shockmyride.strutta.com/entry/177504<<<
  6. parkrangerjeremy

    Ranger on 2.5tons aka project fire in the hole

    2.5tons aka project fire in the hole"UPDATE" just started this build a few weeks ago putting 2.5 tons rockwells that have been mohawked with 48/31/20 logger tires and a 418 stroker engine with about 650hp without the spray this is what it started out like with 6" suspension lift and 3" body...
  7. parkrangerjeremy

    m5od 2wd and 4wd difference

    i was wondering what the difference between the 2wd and 4wd m5OD tranny's? are the output shafts the same length and the only difference is the extension housings or are the output shafts completely different?
  8. parkrangerjeremy

    fluid pouring out when i shut engine off

    i filled up my power steering pump today on my truck and when i shut the engine off almost all the fluid poured out from the reservoir. what would cause this? thanks in advance
  9. parkrangerjeremy

    Making Awesome Bumper !!

    all out of 3/16 flat stock or 3/16 thread plate for my 93' Ranger... still has some work to it like sinking in some 3" fog lights and gusset it all... What yall think?
  10. parkrangerjeremy

    timing issuses

    i been having poor fuel economy,overheating issues, and sluggish acceleration. i have no check engine light or nothin all my fuel trims look fine o2's are cycling correctly... i check live data on it and it show my timing at 16 degrees what could cause timing to retard like this??? Its a...
  11. parkrangerjeremy

    AMP issues

    i was messing with my system yesterday and for some reason both my rockford and MTX amp is not turning on... i have 12 volts at the remote wire and B+ terminals but the weird thing is i am also getting 12 volts on the ground terminal on the amps???? any ideas why this is happening?
  12. parkrangerjeremy

    351W built to 418 stroker

    Started building the motor for my V8 swap into my 93' Supercab Ranger This is what i started out with! After being Shot peen and dipped Eagle H beam forged rods Mahle Forged Pistons With the Eagle forged 418 stroker crank and PRW main stud girdle AFR aluminum heads 2.02 intake and 1.6...
  13. parkrangerjeremy

    4.0L overheating and running lean

    i just started having my truck overheat. it doesnt sky rocket it just slowly starts going higher and higher while i am driving on the highway... when i let it sit there and idle it starts to slowly come down which doesnt make any sense at all. I checked to make sure the water pump is...
  14. parkrangerjeremy

    Power windows to manual windows

    has anyone converted their power windows to manual crank windows.. I have been having problems with the power windows since i had the truck and would like to change them to manual windows.. does anyone know if the manual window regulators mount in the same locations as the power window...
  15. parkrangerjeremy

    1993 ranger o2 question

    i had an exhaust shop fix my exhaust after i convert to a manual. When i got it back it is now only getting seven MPG. I thought they might have switched the o2's around so i switched them back. It ran really good for about ten miles now it stutters really bad under a load or under 2000 RPM's...
  16. parkrangerjeremy

    Politicians Want to Use Tax Dollars to Crush Newer-Model Trucks and SUVs

    take a look at this article guys!!! http://www.sema.org/Main/ArticleDetail.aspx?contentID=61134
  17. parkrangerjeremy

    blue smoke 1200 miles after rebuild

    Hey guys i am at lost here i rebuilt my 4.0l from top to bottom, rings, crank, bored .030 over, new pistons, bearings, lifters, heads and valves redone. It has ran fine for me for 1200 miles with no problems at all until now. All of a sudden i have tons of blue smoke coming out of my exhaust...
  18. parkrangerjeremy

    GEM Module

    I have a 1993 Ford Ranger and i was wondering if it had a GEM module and if it is located next to the radio because i am in the process of puttin in the overhead console from an Explorer . Thanks in advance
  19. parkrangerjeremy

    thanks to all

    hey thanks to everyone who has helped answer some questions with my A4LD to M5OD swap... everything went very smoothly thanks to everyone on here. Thanks again:icon_cheers::icon_hornsup:

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