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  1. Nez'sRanger

    RoadActive Suspension

    Anyone here ever use RoadActive suspension systems in your truck? If so, what are your thoughts? https://activesuspension.com/products/ford-ranger-pickup-1983-2012 I'd hate to buy it for almost $600 if it doesn't work.
  2. Nez'sRanger

    5w-40 European oil in a 2.9?

    Has anyone run 5w-40 European car oil in a 2.9? I'm currently running standard 10w-40 in mine, but the idea of 5w for cold starts sounds nice especially for winter. 40 weight seems to shut up the ticking nice. Any reason not to? Thanks!
  3. Nez'sRanger

    distributor reinstalled and truck won’t start

    I found the easiest way to know you're on the right stroke is to put a compression tester on cylinder 1. When the needle reads, boom, compression stroke. My hands are usually too beat up and dirty to feel air coming out while cranking the engine with a ratchet, lol.
  4. Nez'sRanger

    Is this supposed to be there?

    I HIGHLY recommend taking the heads to a shop to be magnafluxed. I had the same thing when I bought my Ranger. Took the heads off, couldn't see cracks, but when the shop checked it out, the magnaflux found a doozy of a crack. It would save you a TON of work.
  5. Nez'sRanger

    Upgrading 89 RABS to 4 Wheel ABS

    I believe my ranger has the Dana 28 front. I didn't see that this influenced the knuckle swap, but good to know now! At this point, the rear end is stock too, so I'm just doing my homework before buying anything.
  6. Nez'sRanger

    Upgrading 89 RABS to 4 Wheel ABS

    Is it possible to upgrade an old 89 RABS to the later 4 Wheel ABS? I would love the added braking quality/safety, but I fear the newer abs controllers may in fact be tied into the OBDII system. I'm interested in upgrading the front discs to the dual piston calipers from a 95 (as well as a rear...
  7. Nez'sRanger

    Another “What is this plug for?”

    No way!!! That's an awesome idea! I deleted my ac years ago. Never thought of using the button to power something else!
  8. Nez'sRanger

    bit off more than I can chew 1986

    There's a really good book on our "lovely" 2.9s called "How-To Build and Modify Ford 60 Degree Engines" by Sven Pruett. Don't let the stupid $400 Amazon one get you down. Keep looking on eBay. They turn up a LOT cheaper. While it may be geared for a performance build, it still is very helpful...
  9. Nez'sRanger

    Anyone tried to fix valve covers leak with this ?

    I've thought of using those myself (haven't got to rebuilding my spare engine yet, though). In theory, they should help a lot. My understanding is they replace the weird wing washers with a thick torque distributing band. I'm currently running felpro gaskets with the service manual's...
  10. Nez'sRanger

    89 Ranger towing options

    I want to buy a new hitch mount for my 89 2.9 extended cab. The one that came with it looked a little too rigged for my liking (like a diy welding job). They even took a torch and cut out pieces of the bumper. Is there a factory/factory endorsed towing package that I can look for? I'd want the...
  11. Nez'sRanger

    Fuel pump issue?

    Well, I checked and double checked, and my pump is fine. I recently changed gas stations, and I think the new gas dislodged done sludge. I put some Chevron techtron in the tank, and it hasn't done anything goofy since.
  12. Nez'sRanger

    Fuel pump issue?

    Yea, filter was replaced a month or so before the pump. Key was off when I pulled the fuse. It's an 89
  13. Nez'sRanger

    Fuel pump issue?

    Hey all! My ranger has been running beautifully for months now that I worked most of it's bugs out. This morning, I drive it to work, no problem. But, when I got in and fired it up to go to lunch, and it ran for a little bit, and then it died. It's got a full tank, so I'm assuming the pump just...
  14. Nez'sRanger

    1990 2.9 map sensor?

    That vacuum line goes behind your dash and operates something to do with the A/C system. I replaced my wiring harness a while back and followed that line for the heck of it... It looks like it opens a vane when you turn on the A/C. The map sensor would be located above the ac unit in the...
  15. Nez'sRanger

    1st/2nd gen Roof leak/rust prevention PSA

    What sealants are you guys using? I'd like to use something that won't interfere with a future paint job/or is paintable itself.
  16. Nez'sRanger

    In need of a machine shop for head work

    Yinz ever hear of P and R Engine Rebuilders Inc. in Greensburg? I never tried them, but have the same ? PJ had. http://www.pandrengine.com/Engine_Rebuilders_Machine_S.php
  17. Nez'sRanger

    I need help, please and thanks! 1990 Ranger 2.9L

    At this point, I think it would help to do a detailed investigation of the wiring. I had an issue a while back after lifting the engine out to change the oil pump. When I put it back in, it ran like crap. Took me weeks of troubleshooting and chasing symptoms. Ultimately, I figured I butchered a...
  18. Nez'sRanger

    Engaging manual transfer case in motion

    I got an 89 2.9 4x4 manual tranny with a manual transfer case. I can't seem to find whether or not it can be engaged or disengaged while in motion. That would be helpful info, especially with how the roads are maintained here in the winter. You can need 4x4 on all back roads, but the main roads...
  19. Nez'sRanger

    Harvesting Rocker Arms at the junkyard + New heads Vs. Rebuilt

    There's always this! http://www.moranav6racing.com/i.php?f=/img/Products/pictures/2.9%20roller%20rockers%20front.JPG&d= Only 950ish bucks... Believe it or not, those are actually on my to do list for my spare engine...
  20. Nez'sRanger


    I hear ya, I would've done the plate thing, but didn't have the tools to make that happen.

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