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  1. gw33gp

    2002 FX4 Floor mats?

    No, I don't know the brand name.
  2. gw33gp

    Does that add a leaf thing actually work?

    Add-a-leaf springs do work. They do make for a rougher ride though. I had them on my 89 STX but it had a 350 lb shell on the bed. That made it ride normal and the ride height was correct. I also added air bags in the rear for when I was towing and/or carrying a heavy load in the bed. If I...
  3. gw33gp

    2002 FX4 Floor mats?

    Here is a photo of my floor mats. They are a little dirty but you will get the idea of what they look like. They are fairly similar to the original but not a duplicate sample. Finding an original would be very difficult because they were one of the few things on the 02 FX4 that was not very...
  4. gw33gp

    2002 FX4 Floor mats?

    I don't have a picture of my original floor mats, but I can tell you they are fairly deep ribbed with Ranger along the side. I found some on eBay that look very similar to replace them. I can get a photo of those if you like.
  5. gw33gp

    The ultimate Tea thread?

    If you are looking for a tea that has some sweetness to it without sugar or sugar substitutes, Good Earth Sweet and Spicy Original is the one to look for. I order it online. It is black tea with other natural stuff in it that makes it sweet and spicy. There is no sugar of any kind or sugar...
  6. gw33gp

    Possible starter issue

    When I start my 4.0 SOHC engine, I get a little rattle after it starts that sounds like it is coming from the starter. It is very brief and doesn't sound serious. It seems like the starter gear is slow to disengage or is rattling a little as it slows down. Has anyone come across this issue...
  7. gw33gp

    High Mileage Ranger Owners

    I rebuilt my 02 4.0 SOHC cam timing chain system at around 250K miles. My guides were still good (but brittle), and I had installed new tensioner at around 100K miles. By 04 I believe Ford had improved it to make it more durable. You should consider installing new tensioners if not already...
  8. gw33gp

    Found rubber plug on engine

    I don't recall ever seeing a bumper for the engine cover. Is it attached to the bottom of the engine cover?
  9. gw33gp

    short shifter fx4?

    My FX4 has something different about the shifter. I don't know if any other Ranger has the same thing, and I don't know if it can be called a short shifter. My brother installed new shifter bushings with a kit from Zumbrota. Something about the length of the shifter that is inside the...
  10. gw33gp

    I am interested in a super chip for my 4.0 liter 2011 Ford Ranger

    Your best approach is to use a tuner that has performance program(s) on it or have it programed. I understand chips can be problematic. The contacts can oxidize, creating a bad contact. A tuner does not have to be plugged in all the time. You just plug it in and have it reflash the computer...
  11. gw33gp

    AR-15 shooters....

    Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against guns. I just don't understand the popularity of AR weapons for household use. I carried an M-16 during my 2 tours in Viet Nam and felt that was essential for that. I also had an M-60 on base for any attacks there. Since then, I have never had any...
  12. gw33gp

    Improving spark, Upgraded Ignition Coil VS. OEM Equivalent

    Indexing helps with high compression engines. I don't know if it does anything with the lower compression street engines. It certainly would not hurt though. I had to index my race car spark plugs because if the electrode base was pointing down; the piston would hit it and close the gap. At...
  13. gw33gp

    AC clutch cycles on and off but doesn't stay engaged

    I just went through this, and it was a low freon charge. They told me both Schrader valves had a very slow leak, and this is a common problem. They said after checking pressure or charging, the spring in the Schrader valve sometimes does not get it sealed properly. They always use a tool to...
  14. gw33gp

    94 Ranger - Largest spare tire size for under bed spare carrier.

    My 02 easily fits a 31x10.5" tire in the spare carrier. It is the cable type. I have a 32x11.5" spare tire in there now and it is a very tight fit. It does not go all the way up in the front but probably would if I didn't have a receiver hitch keeping it from moving back a little. That 32"...
  15. gw33gp

    Sgtsandman's 2019 STX FX4

    I am confused. The guys that have the newer Rangers call the 2019-2023 Rangers 5G and 2024 6G. Am I misunderstanding something, or do they have it wrong?
  16. gw33gp

    How common were 2002 FX4's with 5R55W & shift-on-the-fly 4x4?

    An automatic makes it much easier to rock crawl. With a manual it requires having to slip the clutch sometimes while moderate rock crawling. With extreme rock crawling you would need extremely low gears to keep from burning out the clutch. I still like my manual transmission with manual...
  17. gw33gp

    AC pump repeatedly kicking in and out in certain modes

    Yes, they eventually leak. However, it is doing pretty good with almost 300K miles on it. It did get a condenser replacement at around 200K miles. I guess the many miles off-road fatigued it enough to create a crack.
  18. gw33gp

    For Sale 2002 Ranger FX4

    It looks to be in great shape and is definitely a 02 FX4.
  19. gw33gp

    Manual transfer case swap

    I don't remember where, but I recall reading about someone that was trying to figure out a way to manually shift an electric shift transfer case from inside the cab with some type of cable system. I don't remember if they were successful. The 02 and 03 non-manual shift transfer case adaptors...
  20. gw33gp

    How common were 2002 FX4's with 5R55W & shift-on-the-fly 4x4?

    Neither the automatic nor manual 02 FX4 were common. There were definitely more automatics than manual 02 FX4's though. When I was looking for a new 02 FX4, it was more difficult to find one with a manual transmission. The 02 FX4 and 03 FX4 L2 with manual transmission also had the manual...

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