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  1. idriveafordranger94

    Switched from P tires to LT tires, what pressure should I run them at?

    Hey everyone, I have a 2009 Ford Ranger FX4 and I just dropped a ton of money on some new LT265/75/R16 BF Goodrich All Terrain KO tires. The tires that came on the truck were the size P255/70/R16. What kind of pressure should I be running the LT tires at? The placard on the door shows to fill...
  2. idriveafordranger94

    Park, reverse, neutral all act like "drive"

    Hey guys, Wow! It's been over a year since I've been on here. Busy, busy! Okay, here goes... I just picked up a 2000 Ranger 4x4 with the OHV 4.0L paired to the 5R55E (if my research is correct) with about 140,000 miles and a 3" body lift. I bought it knowing it has transmission issues. I am...
  3. idriveafordranger94

    '94 2.3L - One Coil Pack Not Getting Power

    Hey guys - my problem is back. My '94 Ranger that I picked up cheap to fix and sell has given me a problem I can't identify. The truck will be running fine, then all of a sudden - no power, almost stalls. Then just like that, it'll run fine. I discovered that one of the coil packs is not...
  4. idriveafordranger94

    Stark State College '29 Ford Resto-Mod

    Hey everyone! I have some really exciting news! I know going to school is generally not much fun, especially during the summer. However, this summer is going to be a milestone for Stark State College. (I'm going to call it SSC, for short) I just finished my first year of college at Stark State...
  5. idriveafordranger94

    Stark State College '29 Ford Resto-Mod

    Hey everyone! I have some really exciting news! I know going to school is generally not much fun, especially during the summer. However, this summer is going to be a milestone for Stark State College. (I'm going to call it SSC, for short) I just finished my first year of college at Stark State...
  6. idriveafordranger94

    My Dad's New 1995 Ford Ranger!!

    My dad bought this '95 a few months ago and finally decided to post some pics! 89,000 miles, new tires, 4.0L V6, 3.73 8.8 Factory Limited Slip rear diff, dana 35 front axle, auto locking hubs, power seats, air, everything! This this is seriously mint. Was the classic "grandpa's truck." What a...
  7. idriveafordranger94

    Okay guys, I'm officially stumped

    This absolutely confuses the hell out of me. I am completely stumped by this. So here's the story: The '94 blue Ranger I just bought quit running, so I decided to see what was wrong. Meanwhile, I had my brother's red '94 Ranger in my garage for a new clutch. I read some of the forums and...
  8. idriveafordranger94

    1994 2.3 Intermittent Miss

    The '94 2.3L 4cyl Ranger I picked up a few weeks ago has a weird miss to it. I will be driving down the road, running perfect and then all of a sudden, like a light switch, the engine starts running like crap. And I mean crap. Seriously about 2 cylinders. No power whatsoever. Then, just as fast...
  9. idriveafordranger94

    I CANNOT get my clutch to bleed out properly!

    Ugh! After all of my work on the clutch and trans for my newly acquired Ford Ranger, I am having one hell of a time bleeding the clutch out. I have tried having someone in the driver's seat pump the clutch pedal as I open and close the bleeder. I have also tried gravity bleeding while tapping...
  10. idriveafordranger94

    Clutch replacement questions

    Hey guys, just picked up a 1994 Ford Ranger Extended cab 2.3L 4cyl 5 speed manual. Slave cylinder is leaking like crazy. While I'm replacing the slave cyl, I was thinking of replacing the clutch as well. When taking the trans out, is it necessary to pull the exhaust? Any other tips/suggestions?
  11. idriveafordranger94

    Secret Method of Cleaning Aluminum Parts?

    I'm getting ready to put my Ranger's 4.0L back together after doing an upper engine rebuild. After organizing the parts in the corner of the garage, I noticed how dirty they are. I keep my truck and motor spotless, so this obviously annoyed me. I am wondering if there is a secret method to clean...
  12. idriveafordranger94

    Rocker Shaft Direction Issues

    Hey guys, just getting ready to put my Ranger back together after a top end rebuild which has seemed to drag on for entirely way too long. I removed the rocker rail, or shaft (that the rocker arms sit on) and put them in order in a box. However, while moving stuff around in the garage, I mixed...
  13. idriveafordranger94

    2010 Ranger Disc Brake Conversion?

    Well since the 2010 Ranger has rear disc brakes, I was wondering if it would be possible to get all of the parts from a 2010 Ranger and assemble them onto an axle with drum brakes? Has anyone done this? Is is possible?
  14. idriveafordranger94

    Thanks TRS!

    I have said this before, but I'll say it again. From the start, even before I had a Ranger, I kept coming back to this site, not just because of the abundance of information, but because of the friendliness of TRS members. You guys (and girls too) are so eager and willing to help out someone in...
  15. idriveafordranger94

    4.0L OHV Torque to Yield Bolts

    Hey guys, I'm in the middle of tearing down my Ranger's 4.0L and have a few questions. I know the cylinder head bolts are torque to yield, so those will need replaced, but what about the 3 big 15mm (I think) bolts that hold the rocker rail down on each head? They were really tight when taking...
  16. idriveafordranger94

    TheRangerStation vs. other forum sites

    I just purchased a 1988 Ford Bronco Full Size 5.0L V8 in replacement of my 1990 Ford Bronco II. (Yes, yes, I know I turned to the dark side! I still have my Ranger though!) Anyway, I found a site for full size Bronco owners called http://fullsizebronco.com/. It is a decent site with some good...
  17. idriveafordranger94

    New fuel sending unit EXTREMELY inaccurate!

    Hey guys, the fuel pump went out in my Ranger last month and I replaced it from one from AutoZone. I also replaced the sending unit. Now my gas gauge drops from F to about 3/4 of a tank in less than 35 miles. What the hell? The gauge is so inaccurate, I have to measure how much gas I have by the...
  18. idriveafordranger94

    Leaf spring hanger bolt stuck!

    Hey guys, I am currently in the process of replacing the rear leaf spring shackles and hangers along with swapping in some Explorer leaf springs on my 1990 Ford Bronco II. The front shackles look like they are in good shape so I am not going to replace them. I got the nut off of one side but the...
  19. idriveafordranger94

    How do I remove center leaf spring bolt??

    Hi, I am starting the Explorer leaf spring swap on my 1990 Ford Bronco II. I reviewed the tech. page on it and it says to flip the center bolt on the Explorer springs. I put a 9/16 socket on the bolt and turned it. The entire bolt turned inside the leaf spring. My problem is that the other side...
  20. idriveafordranger94

    Power locks on B2 only operate the trunk??

    Hi, My '90 Bronco II has power locks. The power locks only operate the trunk, however. It doesn't operate the door locks. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue or if the power lock is only supposed to operate the trunk. Thanks everyone! Oh, and another thing. The little plastic...

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