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  1. frankserrano

    i'm back!

    after my six month stint of not owning an RBV, i bought myself an '05 explorer sport trac :yahoo: 4.0L SOHC, bone stock EVERYTHING. i just got it tuesday, and i installed my stereo, that i had bought for the bronco, on wednesday. it runs great, handles great and looks great. plans? crank the...
  2. frankserrano

    Skin Graft

    hey, guys! random, i know, but i was wondering if any of you have had skin grafting done in the past and could post pictures of the scars? i'm kinda concerned as to how the majority of my right arm and the palm of my right hand is going to look after i heal up from the surgery i had the other...
  3. frankserrano

    My December Luck Worsens

    as some of you have read in my old build thread, i totaled my '98 ranger on 3 december while drinking and driving. since then, i'm proud to say, i haven't drank and driven since, but anyways.. last night i was fooling around with a buddy of mine, just trading punches back and forth to the arms...
  4. frankserrano

    My updated Ranger....

    looks great, partner. i especially like the bumper/valance.
  5. frankserrano

    How well will it run with bigger tires?

    i ran 31s with my old '97 2.3L. and those aren't as ballsy as the new duratecs. he'll be gravy with 31s, if he can clear them.
  6. frankserrano

    Gun rack

    in florida, it's illegal. we have the 10-20-life law for fun crimes. having a gun rack in your gun rack in the back window is a good example of the 10 lol
  7. frankserrano

    "Three Inch Lift" Torsion Keys

    i have already spoken with adrenaline motorsports about this kit and they said that they'd give me the kit minus the rear lift blocks for $99 to my door. sounded great to me until i really thought about it. my stock keys are already cranked, i got about 2" of lift out of them. i'm wondering if...
  8. frankserrano

    the (slow) progression of frankserrano's truck

    okay, basics: white 1998 ranger, supercab, 4x4, 4.0 OHV, 3.73 L/S. i picked this truck up about three months ago for $5186 including tax and title. it had about 136,000 miles on it, i'm at 140,000 right now. i work on my vehicles obsessively and i'm never happy until my trucks look and run...
  9. frankserrano

    Began Custom Work Today

    lately, i've been really biting in hard to my truck and getting 'er all dressed up and nice for the summer. i got new wheels, new bedside decals, installed my CB, and today, i started on my interior work. i think it came out well. within the next few days, i'll be doing the lid to the folding...
  10. frankserrano

    Palm Harbor SAS

    click this here link, son. looks pretty sharp. i don't like that the front diff is welded but i'm not the one that's gonna be buying it. what do ya'll think of that price though?
  11. frankserrano

    Finally Got Around To It

    some of you may know that a couple months ago, i picked up a newer ranger and swapped a lot of my crap over to it, i.e.: toolbox, tires, audio system, and i finally got around to swapping my cb over into the new truck today. went a different route this time, i decided to mount it to the...
  12. frankserrano

    Girls Gone Wild

    you're damn right i was there.
  13. frankserrano

    my truck is getting spoiled latelyyy

    i've mentioned in the recent past elsewhere in the forums that i had a full set of new pacer steelies for my truck but i was just too lazy to get around to cleaning them up and painting them black (i HATE chrome) but i finally got around to it the other day :yahoo: my original plan was to have...
  14. frankserrano

    Flowmaster Original 40 Series

    got one installed today :yahoo: just a SISO, i don't have the bucks to throw down on a dual system, but i'm very pleased with how this came out. i knew i wasn't gonna get the volume that i would like but it's decently loud enough and you can't beat the tone it's got. i love that nice, deep...
  15. frankserrano

    Finally Got Around to Smoking...

    my tail lights :) i thought maybe the idea of masking the clear reverse light was a good one so i gave it a go. i think it gives a nice clean look.
  16. frankserrano

    Just Ordered These

    just ordered 'em on ebay for $14.94, including shipping. they'll look pretty nice on the side of my truck, i do believeeee :headbang: i know my truck might not be an FX4, but it is a 4x4 and i love the FX4 decals, especially when they're camo lol
  17. frankserrano

    i need YOUR opinion!!

    okay, my buddies and i are starting a local off-road group. we figure why not? we always go mudding together anyways and we always plan our events and trips out like any other group would do and we think it'd be cool as hell anyways :icon_twisted: call us lame, if you'd like, but in return, i...
  18. frankserrano

    Couple Announcements!!

    announcement #1- yesterday, i beat a trans am off the line to 50mph three red lights in a row. i was feeling mightyyyyyyy proud of that 4.0. it was a personal accomplishment kind of deal, don't pick on me :annoyed: announcement #2- tomorrow, or today i guess, i have my public speaking class and...
  19. frankserrano

    Lookin' Sharp

    so, painting and putting mesh behind my grille turned out to be an awesome idea and came out great. i'm very pleased with it :icon_thumby: here's how the truck's looking now, already different from when i purchased it less than a month ago. i also cranked the keys to level it out. next step...
  20. frankserrano

    New Ranger!!

    so, i just put the down payment on my third ranger! i'm going down to tampa to pick it up this coming thursday and you have no idea how excited i am :yahoo: here are some pics from the dealer's website. it's a 1998 XLT, 4.0 OHV 4x4, supercab. i've got some plans already for it, starting with...

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