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  1. kunar

    Help Identify this Axle

    the 28 spline axles neck down quite a bit at the end where the bearings are. the 31 splines also have a little bit of a neck in the same location but much less. i think there's comparison pics in the tech library
  2. kunar

    Help Identify this Axle

    if you've got more pics, you should be able to tell if its 28 or 31 spline based on the axle tubes
  3. kunar

    FM145 to M5OD

    From 88 to 89 (i think) the floor changed a little. The opening for the bolt-in plate got bigger, toward the front. The back of the opening is the same though, if i remember right. The basic shape of the floor and trans tunnel didn't change though. You should be able to use a newer floor plate...
  4. kunar

    Please help. Wiring woes 1987 ranger

    Do you need the entire engine harness or just the injector harness? Where are you located?
  5. kunar

    For Sale 2.9l v6, a4ld auto trans, ttb d28 and 7.5 rear

    Thanks anways, I appreciate it.
  6. kunar

    For Sale 2.9l v6, a4ld auto trans, ttb d28 and 7.5 rear

    Getting ready to pull the entire drivetrain out of an 86 Ranger. I've never seen it run but the seller said it needed a flex plate. Looks like it's been sitting for several years (decades even). According to the door tags, the axles are 3.73 open. Asking $100 per piece on facebook marketplace...
  7. kunar

    5 speed 1992 Ford Ranger - Hydraulic Clutch line pains

    What style connector does it have, can you take pics of what's going on? If i remember, there was a gold connector with at least 2 different style clips (the plastic collar type, and the metal hair-pin type) and there was also a black connector, not sure how those were set up.
  8. kunar

    5 speed 1992 Ford Ranger - Hydraulic Clutch line pains

    Sorry for the delayed reply. It just lets the pressure out of the slave so the fluid pressure isn't keeping the quick connect from moving. If that's not doing it for you, you could have something else going on. Hopefully you've got it figured out by now though.
  9. kunar

    5 speed 1992 Ford Ranger - Hydraulic Clutch line pains

    Obviously first, make sure there's nothing inside the port or anything like that, but assuming it's all good, crack the bleeder to let the pressure out as you ush the fittings together
  10. kunar

    What Catch Cans are y'all running on the 2.3L EcoBoost?

    Not a ranger, but i've got a JLT on my 3.5 eco, and have for several years and 70k miles (engine's just under 200k now). Never had issues with the hoses or anything like that, and there's always junk in it when i empty it. I don't know that i "need" it, but it's cheap insurrance IMO. It looks...
  11. kunar

    First Gen grille guard width

    I have to get a CAD computer set back up, among other things, but i'll try to get it done sometime. Hopefully you're not in too big of a rush.
  12. kunar

    First Gen grille guard width

    It's 25-3/4" on the outside, 25-1/4" on the inside, plates are 1/4" each. They attach to the truck by 1-1/2 x 1-1/2 x 3/16 angle iron brackets, 1-1/4 long. The brackets bolt to the frame with the bumper bolts, then bolt to the outside of the plates. The tubes on mine are 1-3/4" diameter. They've...
  13. kunar

    Swimming pool pump mystery

    Still one of my favorite commercials :LOL: bufTna0WArc
  14. kunar

    Truck dies when key is set to "run" position

    I would guess it's a bad ignition switch. They're kinda known for wearing out. Replacement's arent too expensive, nor are they hard to swap out. Edit: After reading your post again, I would check the battery terminals and make sure they're clean and connected properly. Symptoms don't sound...
  15. kunar

    Has Anyone put a Hitch Receiver on the front of a first gen 4X4 Ranger (1983-1988)??

    find yourself an old reciever hitch, chop the brackets off and make it fit your needs. i did this one like 12 years ago
  16. kunar

    Kill the AC with Defrost on?

    Assuming we're talking about the 91 in your signature, I'd think it would be pretty easy. Something's gotta tell the a/c to come on when it's in defrost mode, so there's gotta be a switch somewhere you could intercept. In this pic i stole from ebay, it appears theres a microswitch that would be...
  17. kunar


    To rotate the bushing in your pic, they have to be pulled at least part way out. Theres a key that indexes them that fits into the little notches, you've gotta pull em out far enough that key clears before you will be able to turn it. Either way, they look like they're pretty close to 0 degrees...
  18. kunar

    Need, urgent, 1987 Ranger clutch hydraulic hose.

    I think this is the one you need, but I'm not 100% positive. If it looks right to you, you can have it for the cost of shipping. Notice one end is in kinda rough shape. PM me if you want it.
  19. kunar

    Alternatives for intermediate steering shaft 1992 2wd

    1984-1994 jeep cherokee steering shaft has ujoints on both ends and fits the steering column and gearbox. Only caveat is that the telescoping inner section needs to be cut down because the whole assembly is too long. It's pretty self explanatory once you've got it in your hands. This is what I'm...

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