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  1. Pagemaster

    Emergency fuel pump shut off switch

    one of the wires going into mine frayed and totally fried the connection going into the switch. i cut the wires back and wire nutted them together and got my truck running again as i dont have 120 bucks for a new switch (Ford dealer price) is this gonna be okay or will it mess up my fuel pump?
  2. Pagemaster


    okay so next week I plan on cranking my tbars. A few quick questions: any negatives that will result from this? And when I do crank them (this is a stupid question but it will save me trial and error time) in order to raise the suspension am I gonna turn it right or left?
  3. Pagemaster


    So we have a major storm on our hands out here in L.A. County and we might be having quarter size hail, so I made the executive desicion to move the Ranger into the garage tonight.
  4. Pagemaster

    Coffee Stains in Seats

    okay so I need advice on how to get coffee stains off of car seats. I met this girl. She's smokin hot and she has an 05 stang. Spilled coffee on her seats. If I an help her get them out. I have a new best friend! So help a brotha out!
  5. Pagemaster

    Just for fun

    I was at AutoZone asking about a part when these caught my eye. A buck a piece. So I got em. Just for fun. I thought they look pretty cool. :headbang: I only had a five spot on me so i have to go back to get another pair for the tailgate!
  6. Pagemaster

    Cheap do-it-yourself mods

    i have absolutely nothing to do this weekend so i need some mod ideas that are CHEAP and pretty easy so i can do them myself and have fun this weekend! Help a brother out! :icon_thumby:
  7. Pagemaster

    Anyone Remember?

    There was a thread I saw on here a while back where the guy had taken out his back seats and put in a custom cargo/storage box. anyone remember where that was or who did it? thanks!
  8. Pagemaster

    saw this on the road today

    i know its a tacoma but that is a SERIOUS lift. :icon_surprised:
  9. Pagemaster

    Did you guys hear....

    about the olympic figure skater that tried to dry his porsche seats with a leafblower and lit his house on fire in the process causing a mil in damage? haha wtf?!:icon_rofl::icon_confused::icon_rofl::icon_rofl: http://www.cbc.ca/arts/tv/story/2010/08/18/kurt-browning-toronto-home968.html
  10. Pagemaster

    Thailand Ranger Commercial

    this was pretty off the wall haha bCgUYfzADHg&feature
  11. Pagemaster

    Antelope Valley Fair

    im going up there to see dierks bentley play on wednesday. :yahoo: anyone else gonna be there?
  12. Pagemaster

    Bed Liner Incident

    So I had taken my bed liner off to clean under it but I accidentally broke the clips that hold it in. so i just put it back in the bed and figured it wouldnt fall out. wrong. i was driving down the freeway and i see in my rear view this big black thing fly in the air. my bed liner. so i had to...
  13. Pagemaster

    improv jump start!

    so my battery died as I was pulling into my garage tonight and I don't have cables, so I called my pops and he came over but then realized his cables were in his other car. I had some thick wire/cable in my garage so I cut the cable in half and stripped the ends of the now two separate cables. I...
  14. Pagemaster

    Gun rack

    youd get pulled over ten feet out of your driveway out here in socal, buncha freekin panzies when it comes to guns.
  15. Pagemaster

    Argentine Ranger! wtf!?

    http://www.ford.com.ar/ford2010/ go to this site, on the bottom it says "Camionetas" click on that and pick out the Ranger. Let me kno what y'all think.
  16. Pagemaster

    SOCAL!!!! we need to represent in the banner across america!

    Lets get the banner to socal! already been talking with ahornacek about getting to huntington beach we want to get everyone in socal in on this. jump into this thread and lets start making plans, instead of all of us posting on the event thread we can discuss things here and i can post them to...
  17. Pagemaster

    im new!

    Registered a couple days ago, i already love the site! been very helpful so far, and everyone seems pretty nice. im a new ranger owner, i recently bought a 2006 sport, 3.0l V-6. i love it! its nice to havea truck finally, i have alot of things id like to do to it.
  18. Pagemaster

    Creaking? Help!

    Occasionally when im breaking while turning (slow turning like into a parking spot or into my driveway) i hear a creaking coming from my truck. is this cause for alarm?

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