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  1. 02RangerXLT

    Regular Bed Dimensions

    What is the distance from inside of bed rail to inside of bed rail at the top of the bed on a 2001+ Ranger? I only have a stepside and am building something for a standard bed. Thanks
  2. 02RangerXLT

    DIY Toolbox for the back of your Super Cab

    Once upon a time, I had a DeeZee toolbox for a stepside, like a moron I got rid of it. I bought a fullsize box cheap, cut it down and TIG'd it back togeher. Wasn't happy with the latch system and I got tired of it in the back of my truck. Then came this box. A member on RF came up with a box...
  3. 02RangerXLT

    Recovery Shackles

    I need a shackle that has a 1" diameter pin, with a 1" or 1-1/8" opening in the shackle itself. Does anyone have any suggestions? I found these, but they don't list the width between the two mounting points. Anchor Shackle - Bolt Type - 7/8" Steel - 6.50 Ton Or is it not such a big deal so...
  4. 02RangerXLT


    http://www.jcwhitney.com/rancho-rs5000-shock-absorber/p3039784.jcwx?filterid=d658y2002g55j1 I can't for the life of me find any post with Google saying what size shocks I need for a 2002 Ford Ranger XLT 4x4 stock... Any help?:dunno: Hmmph... after some looking... looks like I need the 18.25"...
  5. 02RangerXLT


    Been a while since I've been on here... Here's a project I'm working on. I was a fool and as the video explains cut up my DeeZee toolbox for a Ranger. I got a fullsize toolbox from a buddy for free, and with these videos I'll update what's going on with this project. Part 1: 0tEly6brf1s Part...
  6. 02RangerXLT

    Pic Request: 1" Shackle Lift + No T-Bar Crank

    Howdy, I'd like to see pictures of anyone's 1" shackle lift WITHOUT a T-Bar Crank, to see how much rake there is. I'm going to put Belltech 6400's on my truck but I'm only going to use the 1" hole to give me just a little bit of lift. It looks to me right now that my truck's front end is ever...
  7. 02RangerXLT

    Headache Rack v2.0

    I missed having my STT lights on my headache rack, so the other headache rack is being put to other uses lol, and I built this one at school. It's all 2x2 angle, 2x2 square tubing, and 2x4 rectangular tubing. We cut out the oval light holes at school with a CNC plasma machine, and it was all...
  8. 02RangerXLT

    Help me decide on a AR-15

    California has alot more restrictions than most other states... investigate that, first.
  9. 02RangerXLT

    Fenix Tk15

    PFI seems to be well thought of... and The Fenix Outfitters is where I've always been redirected, I think it's their new page. Call Tech Support.
  10. 02RangerXLT

    Fenix Tk15

    Call Fenix Tech Support Monday... I have an E20 (Older version of the E21) and its a great flashlight, never had any problems with it! Is there some sort of tab you have to remove to reveal the "terminals" for the battery? Maybe check the owners manual too... Fenix: 800-616-1326...
  11. 02RangerXLT

    New CB Set-Up??

    The Cobra 19 ain't anything to write home about, it has its limitations. Personally, I have a Cobra 29 in my pickup, I did the ashtray mod. I'm running a Wilson 2000 Trucker antenna on top of my backrack, and it performs very well. I'm running a Cobra power-mic, came with some guys Cobra 25...
  12. 02RangerXLT

    gun choke question

    If you just have a cylinder bore, use rifled slugs. If you have a rifled barrel, use sabot slugs.
  13. 02RangerXLT

    Headache Rack/Back Rack/Light Bar Build

    Been working on this whenever I get an hour here and hour there, it's basically a Back Rack/Weatherguard rack hybrid. I plan to mount a CB antenna up top in the middle and move my two KC spot beam's up to the top, probably on brackets that will be made on the outside of each vertical post. Some...
  14. 02RangerXLT

    My six disc is on a CD diet...

    Soooo a while back, probably in the summer, CD's started to get stuck in my six disc and they wouldn't eject. How can I access the six disc itself to get my CD's out of there? :icon_twisted: It's a stock six disc, btw. Thanks:icon_thumby:
  15. 02RangerXLT

    Tapping into high beams...

    On a 2002 Ranger with a 4.0, what is the easiest way (preferably via fuse or relay) to tap into my high beam wires to turn an off road light relay on and off? Owners manual doesn't list anything specific, only low beams or "headlamps" and I only want them to be able to turn on and off at the...
  16. 02RangerXLT

    AAL, or similar lifting methods...

    I want to lift the rear of my pickup about an inch, I want a little bit of rake and right now with the t-bars where they are (stock spot, as far as i know) I'm not quite there. I think that the 1.5-2" that is "expected" out of an add-a-leaf is too much, do I have other options as far as a leaf...
  17. 02RangerXLT

    Contacts (The ones for your eyes)

    Well apparently I'm allergic to the plastic within most soft contact lenses, does anyone else have this problem? If so, what did you do to get around it? Did a different brand work or did you have to switch to hard contacts or glasses? I visited the eye doc after constant redness and a dry eye...
  18. 02RangerXLT

    Just a little more light...

    Finally got this 6" 55w light mounted to my fourwheeler... we'll see how much light it puts out tonight. If I took off the headlights it'd look like a big ass cyclops :P :icon_bounceblue:
  19. 02RangerXLT

    New Lights! :thumbsup:

    Well I got tired of the lights i had on my toolbox before, and we have a buyer here who buys lights wholesale so I got these for cheap! :icon_thumby: The two on the outside are S/T/T and the three in the middle are just constant on with the running lights. The two outside ones don't look as...
  20. 02RangerXLT

    GoDaddy Elephant Killer

    Its always fun to meet a flock of turkeys on the road with a tractor...

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