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  1. Dash air vents

    I was wondering if anyone has a 3d model of the dash vents out of 93 ranger specifically the center one
  2. Truck shakes at high speed

    I have a 1993 ford ranger 2wd with a 4.0 v6 and the 4 speed automatic and on the highway it starts to shake but once it shifts into 4th gear the shaking gets way worse. My guess is something in the transmission is going bad but I've been told that it might be a suspension issued or a driveline...
  3. How to disable horn when locking

    apparently holding the lock and unlock button at the same time for a few seconds should disable the horn honking when you lock it. Or you can just take the horn relay out entirely.
  4. Bumper Hitch

    I have a 1993 Ranger XL it has the factory hitch that is in the bumper frame. What i'm wondering is can i actually tow anything with it safely?

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