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  1. speedo off

    It’s got an 18 in it and the rear gear is 3.73 so should be the right gear buts it’s not sorry for the very late reply busy
  2. Gas gauge pinned at full

    Finally had to day to go through the wiring for the signal wire found it was chafing just a tad at just the right angle and causeing it to pin got it fixed and no problems
  3. speedo off

    hello got an 88 ranger and the speedo reads about 6 mph slower then what my gps says I know my tires are bigger being 235/75/15s what speedo gear size would correct the speedo ive tried to use the calculator and it gave me to use a 18 witch probably was wrong because still reads all most the...
  4. Gas gauge pinned at full

    Ok wasn’t able to get to trying what you said oregon coast is going through a bad ice storm but yesterday went and filled it with the gauge still not working took 11 gallon but running it around that day magically the gauge worked but going out to start my truck today to warm it up because it...
  5. Gas gauge pinned at full

    Hello I’ve got an 88 ranger 2.9 and I’ve just started haveing this issue today but in the morning my gas gauge was working but in an hour all of sudden look down and it’s pinned at full even though I was at half last time i looked turned the truck off let the gauge go all the way back down tried...
  6. cruise control not intermittent to not working

    Got it working! Can’t believe that it all because of the bulbs🤦 and think also the plug that goes into the computer one of the pins might have been falling out because when I unplugged it to test one wire fell out of the plug but it’s working perfectly even with the lights on thank you guys so...
  7. cruise control not intermittent to not working

    Oh man thank you so much and they are led rear bulbs so change them over as well as check the rest?
  8. cruise control not intermittent to not working

    Cable is not broken either could it be the computer for the cruise control?
  9. cruise control not intermittent to not working

    Ok and checked all my vacuum lines all are good there and grounds are good
  10. cruise control not intermittent to not working

    Could be haven’t looked into it a whole lot wanted to see where to start
  11. cruise control not intermittent to not working

    hello ive got a 88 ranger 2.9 manual it has cruise control and when I first got it. it would work but only with the headlights off and could not turn on the turn signals. also the coast button increased the speed. it worked like that for about a week then just stopped working all together. not...

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