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  1. carnige SVRA wheelin (pics)

    :thefinger: i went to carnige in nor cal the other day to just play around and here are some pics i hope u like and one vid my girlfriend is a really good picture taker ;) tell me what you think
  2. my 87 4x4 ranger

    :thefinger: http://i1105.photobucket.com/albums/h347/mickeybas/hy066.jpg[/IMG] and for those that read the magazine "crawl" the crawlmero came to my auto shop the other day at school
  3. starter wont stop turning

    i have a 87 ranger 2.9l 4x4 pretty built up and i recenlty went 4 wheeling and went to hit some trails then i turned my truck off and then when i went to start it all i got was one click and it wouldnt turn over all i got was a click and the click was coming from the coil/sylboid so i replace...
  4. Need help :( please

    So I broke my axle u joints that are in the axle rag joint I think irk buying am trying to take appart the axle shaft and replace the u joint but I can't figure out how to take them appart please help me !! I need 4x4 :thefinger:
  5. new coils.... help

    :thefinger: so i recently got new coils for my ranger after my JD 6inch lift and i got skyjacker coils and i am not to happy with them i think my coils are to stiff and i was wondering if i need to brake them in or something or is there a cheap way of making it flex better.. i was thinking of...
  6. nor cal peeps (strawberry pass)

    :thefinger: people of cali!! so me and a couple of friends are going up the strawberry pass its right off of hyw 50 and i was wondering if any of you guys would want to tag along on our trail for the weeekend of the 21st and i have a 87 ranger and my friend has a 93 cherokee and i would like to...
  7. first baja experience!!

    :thefinger: i went out the other day looking for place to 4x4 around town before the rain hit and i found a swweeet place and it had a baja type track and was sick and i have never tested my new james duff suspension in baja stuff and i have to say i am in love with that shit ill tell u !! lol...
  8. for sale

    ive got a 5 speed 87 ranger trranny and transfer case for sale let me know if you want one
  9. all you prerunner guys please help!!!!

    so i put my ranger on craigslist for trade and a guy with a 1994 ford ranger wants to trade and i am asking for help cause i dont no much about them so here... help 94 ranger 202xxx miles 2.3 l 5 sp custom bumpers posi rear end flowmaster 6 inch lift in rear 3 front
  10. thank you james duff

    i started my new james duff suspension and i love the way it handles also went wheeling in washinton ca last mounth and got high centered in the snow in the middle of june my friends buggy tried to pull me out but couldnt do it
  11. Need help

    Idk what to get I need new coils and I want more flex so Should I just get the seme like ranger coils for a 6inch lift or some if jeep coils would work should I get jeep coils
  12. anyone from CALI?

    is there anyone from califorina here? i want to meet new people to wheeel.. another ranger .. all my friends have jeeps and talk shit and say rangers cant hang with the jeeps and the funny thing is that my ranger has more flex or better abilitys to wheel then half my friends jeeps.. i just want...
  13. need help

    i put a new centforce clutch in my truck and i finshed yesterday and test drove it today to make sure every thing was allright (troubleshooting) and i put in in 4H and everything was good and then i put it in 4L and it wont engage its like the truck is in nutral but when i let out the clutch it...
  14. my size shocks

    I need to no what size shocks I should get for my 87 ford ranger with 6icnh lift and I also have long arms and can flex very well and I don't want the shocks to hold me back.. I was Gunna go with Skyjacker
  15. joedy jr..

    87 ford ranger 33s 6 inch lift james duff long arms james duff dual shocks centerforce clutch kc's braded brake lines brush bar flowmaster custum speaker box
  16. new clutch (pics)!!!

    so i was finally time for the new clutch so i went for the centerforrce brand ready to start [I guess what else came in the mail that day !!! james duff long arm kit! then it was time to take out the old clutch and put the new one in got everything out the damage absolutly nothinf...
  17. Long arms

    Ive got a 87 ford ranger and I am trying to find a pair of long arms and can find any.. I've got a 6inch lift with 33s and can't find and brand that make long arms for a 6inch lift... Help me out please
  18. help please

    hey guys i really need some help here i just snaped my fromt right hub and i need a new one and i cant find one can you guys tell me where i can right one? what website cause i would like to get a brand new one. thank you
  19. help please

    hey guys i really need some help here i just snaped my fromt right hub and i need a new one and i cant find one can you guys tell me where i can right one? what website cause i would like to get a brand new one. thank you
  20. flat bed

    Any have pics of the late 80s rangers with a flat bed?

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