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  1. Fuel problem

    My project BII is getting close to being operational. I started it yesterday and drove a few blocks. Parked it and my son started it and tried to drive it. It stalled on take off. Wouldn't re-start for an hour. Started up again and ran strong. Turned it off and now it won't fire. It seems to be...
  2. Neutral safety switch?

    I'm finishing up trying to get a BII going. Did an FM-146 swap. If I can crank it over then I have the right two wires wired together? I can't seem to get the reverse lights working
  3. Changing emissions?

    My BII is an 87 Eddie Bauer. It had California emissions with the EGR. I put a different 2.9 and an FM146 in it. I didn't use the "EGR" manifold. I've removed the egr. I'm going to be using a computer from an 89BII. Has anyone else eliminated the EGR by going to the newer computer? I've...
  4. clutch pedal resistance?

    How stiff should the clutch pedal be after bleeding? I'm not sure if I managed to get this thing bled properly or not? It feels like the pedal is too easy to depress and not a lot of resistance on release.
  5. computer question?

    I'm getting close to having my transmission swap complete along with a different 2.9. The truck I pulled the FM-146 from had a manual transfer case. I'm opting to put the electric transfer case back in. Is the electric transfer case going to work with the new computer? Are they separate from...
  6. Fan Belts?

    Bronco II fan belts for power steering and alternator. I've picked up new ones to replace the ones I discarded. My problem is the new ones are longer than the old. I can only find the two belt sizes. Anyone else have this problem on the 2.9 and is there other fan belts that fit the V? I can't...
  7. Knock sensor and EGR?

    The knock sensor on my BII is broken. It's an 87. I'm swapping to a manual trans. If I get the computer from an 88 stick I shouldn't need the knock sensor or the EGR right? What other California emissions can I omit?
  8. wiring question?

    I forgot to mark the end of one of my pigtail connections. It's the low oil sensor. It is wired directly to the sensor. It has two pigtail ends. I'm not sure where either pigtail connector goes? Anyone have a pic of where the wiring goes? I also had one of the fusible links break right at...
  9. FM-146 swap

    I'm swapping in the FM-146 from A4ld. The mechanical part is done. Now it's on to the wiring. I noticed an empty pin connector on the drivers side rail that looks like it would fit the neutral safety switch on the FM146. It's in the correct position to reach over to the transmission. Is it...
  10. Fly wheel question

    I took the flywheel out and had it resurfaced. I am in the process of putting things back together. I thought the new pilot bearing fit in the center of the fly wheel or does it go into the crankshaft connection behind the flywheel?
  11. FM145 to FM 146

    The ends from the master cylinder are a little different from a 145 to a 146. Anybody know if the line at the cylinder will leak if I use the shorter connector from the 146 into the master or should I Just cut the connectors off and swap ends?
  12. After the manual swap?

    Seems like it runs to rich at higher speeds? If I recall reading something about timing needing to be changed? A difference from A4ld and stick?
  13. Clutch kit?

    I've installed a clutch pedal for the conversion to manual from the A4ld. The clutch pedal and master are out of an 87. The FM-145 feels like it has to much play but I've got a FM-146 out of an 89 that's tight. I'm going to swap over bell housings and use the FM-146. When I buy the clutch...
  14. Head gasket question

    I did a tear down of a 2.9 today. Noticed the water ports in the rear of the gasket were never removed. Is that supposed to be that way?
  15. Hydraulic questions FM 146

    I'm trying to do a swap on my BII. I have an FM 146. I have a clutch pedal and all the workings from an FM 145. I've heard there are differences in the hydraulics. The lines to and from the transmissions are different. What else are the differences?
  16. Clutch pedal questions?

    I'm in the process of swapping an a4ld to an fm146. The A4ld is in an 87 BII and the clutch is out of an 89 BII. Does the clutch pedal come off and will it go on to my BII? Or do I need to remove the entire pedal assembly (clutch, brake,and gas) and swap all of them?
  17. Looking at another BII

    Has been 4.0 swapped. Owner says its flooding out after it warms up. Any ideas with gas problems after a swap? He drove it as a daily driver for over a year.
  18. Super Bowl Pick

    San Fran 27-21
  19. Which clutch kit?

    What clutch kit do you guys recommend for an 89BII with an FM145? I'm going to lightly modify my BII. Probably add a 4" lift and some 31's.
  20. Swapping A4ld for FM145?

    Went to the local pic n pull and snagged a used 2.9 and FM 145 today. I will be swapping in the 145 in the next couple of weeks and the same with the 2.9. Engine and transmission were out of an 89BII and my BII is an 87. Are there any specifics I should know about before the swap? The BII I...

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