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  1. My Honcho

    Just found this section on here and thought id share my honcho. A lot done to it but not a blingy build..Used some old school know how and some selective upgrades to improve its performance..Its been a wonderful performer for me.
  2. Stock cam improvement

    Upon doing some playing around on an engine analyzer, I wanted to show a graph showing the difference in the power production by installing the cam straight up or at 0 degrees. I would personaly recommend a gear change in the rearend to something like a 3.73/ 4.10 gear to really take advantage...
  3. 2.3L EFI power (The naturally aspirated way)

    As a former drag racer in a class where you had to use stock parts to make power (NMRA factory stock), I thought I would try my hand with the little 2.3L ranger motor for fun. My plans are to coax as much as I possibly can from my 97 2.3L motor using as much of the stock components as...
  4. New to TRS

    Hello everyone, Im new to the site and a recent owner of a 97 ranger XLT 4x2 step side with a 2.3L and a 5 spd..Looking forward to reading what others are doing and learning /helping others when I can.

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