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  1. meskater132

    90 bronco II chop top in Alaksa

    Not entirely new but just got back online after a year of internet absence and ive done some work since purchasing my bronco II "SALLY", currently working on a engine swap pulled my donor motor 4.0 from a explorer and wiring harness, Living up here in Fairbanks Alaska a chop top may not have...
  2. meskater132

    Chopping the Top on my BII

    I have a 1990 Ford bronco II 2.9ltr 5spd mitshu tranny So today I started the process of chopping the top on my BII :yahoo: so far started to gut the interior pulling carpet roof liner, and driver side body panneling. tommro i will start to pull the pass side, my plans are to -gut the...
  3. meskater132

    clutch went out

    my clutch finally went out revs started jumping around over the last week and now i can put it in gear and basically nothing i am going to put it up on jack stands and pull the tranny and replace the flywheel. any common problems that i might run into?
  4. meskater132

    Fairbanks AK, North pole, Eileson?

    anyone out there live around here? just wondering looking for some people to go hit the trails behind the airport or off ester dome or show me new trails. not to much into snow bashing but 6 weeks or so breakup is coming and that means mud is too
  5. meskater132

    New Battery Sounds dead

    my new( new to me) bronco II sounds like it has a dead battery everytime i start it. it will start just sounds like its about to die. i replaced the battery and terminal clamps still does the same thing. any answers on what may be wrong is my starter going out? :bawling:
  6. meskater132

    ford bronco 2

    just bought a ford bronco 2 has cut fenders and 30s on it manual tranny its a seems to run good so far i have to replace the exhaust on it someone took a sawzall to end of the cat. Any ideas of how to get rid of the stupid sparkle paint job

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