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  1. Ford Announces The Return of The Ranger in 2019 - TRS's 20TH Anniversary

    :icon_thumby: I was beginning to think I was the only one who DIDN'T want a bigger truck! I hunt out of my Ranger and while this photo is a stock photo off line, I drive down many small two tracks like this that my current Ranger brushes the limbs down the side. Anything larger and brushes...
  2. I need a little help!

    I am trying to win a VERY sweet custom leather holster in a photo contest. I am fairly new to photography and my handguns are some of my favorite objects to photograph. So when I ran across this competition I had to give it a shot. So I set up this photo of my Smith and Wesson M&P9c and sent...
  3. Some of my hunting photos

    A coyote bow kill will be tough! Getting it close enough to hit without spooking it with the draw will be difficult! Good luck!!
  4. Some of my hunting photos

    I have a couple of friends, more like aquaintences, that have raised coyote pups and coydogs. (coyote and dog mix) I don't know if I could ever trust one! They are sneaky!! The wolf would be real cool to see! Do you have any pics? I feel for ya on the skunks! Not much you can do! Some say...
  5. Some of my hunting photos

    Yes sir! Most of the time the rancher and/or ranch hands are WAY to busy to launch an all out assault and have to hope to get a shot like what you mentioned! I do it as a hobby but prime predator hunting season is at the same time as deer season so I can't go get on a lease. So I have an...
  6. Some of my hunting photos

    Thanks! Most are probably in between 50 to 150 yards but I have called them in where they come in behind us as close as 5 foot.
  7. Some of my hunting photos

    Thank you sir! The black coyote is very rare and considered quite a trophy! This was the first and only one I have called or seen!
  8. Some of my hunting photos

    I just posted my introduction but I thought I would share some of my hunting pics for those who hunt. I provide predator control for local ranches and leases. I do it as a hobby but it's benefit gets me access to more property. Here are some of my photos. Enjoy...
  9. New from Northeast Texas

    Hello all! I am new to the forum but not really new to Rangers. I just purchased my 2010 Ranger sport 4x4. It is the third Ranger I have owned and I can't complain about any of them! My first one, a 97 XL, 2.3L 5sp, extended cab with flare side and was well used when I got it and I used it a...

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