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  1. bluetooth question

    I have a jvc dvd head unit and a samsung droid phone. When I start the vehicle the head unit pairs with the phone and works perfectly. Now my question is, if I get a smart watch and pair it with my phone, will it screw up the operation of the pairing of my phone and head unit or will I have to...
  2. LP non CAD D30 build up.

    I'm not sure where the carrier break is on the d30, you might be ok with 3:55.
  3. LP non CAD D30 build up.

    Find a d30 with 3:73 gears, they're everywhere, then you won't have to change carriers, I have two in my shed.
  4. Dana 30 hub options

    The unit bearing design of the d30 makes the installation of any kind of locking hub impossible without changing the design of the complete hub assembly. Warn used to make a kit but it was expensive.
  5. Jeep front axles?

    to my knowledge the only jeep 44 that is the correct width would be from a TJ rubicon. good luck on finding one of them.
  6. Jeep front axles?

    If you're thinking of using a dana 30, the axles from a yj, tj, xj or zj are about the same width as a rbv. If you're thinking of using something else, that's a difference story.
  7. land rover rears under an 88 ranger??

    I don't think the landrover axle would last more than five minutes behind a decent 302. A 8.8 or nine inch is way stronger and readily available.
  8. Jeep D35

    I have two dana 30's with 3:73 gears in my shed. I also have a d35 lsd carrier from a 3:73 axle on my workshop floor.
  9. Jeep D35

    I've worked on quite a few jeeps over the years, mostly cherokees. The four cylinders had either 4:10 or 3:73. The cherokees with autos had 3:73, the manuals had 3:07. Most had dana 35 but I did see a few with the chrysler corporate axle, can't describe the difference but there's a guide to...
  10. lectric window motors

    The electric window on the drivers side quit today (91 explorer sport). The motor seems to be turning but the window will only move with a little help, it seems like there is a clutch of some sort that is not working so well. I remember reading a thread a few years ago about three balls inside...
  11. Jeep TJ clutch master pushrod.

    Anyone have any idea how the push-rod on the clutch master cylinder is held in place on the TJ's. All the master cylinders I've seen before have had a rod with a mushroom head that holds in onto the cylinder but this thing just has a straight rod. I assume there is supposed to be some kind of...
  12. glue

    Before the flaming starts, I don't want to spend a crap load of money on something that is cheap in the states and is rarely used anyway. What do they use or can I use to re-glue the linings back onto the parking brake shoes. The parking brake still works but the linings have separated from the...
  13. Dana 30 questions really confused

    I don't believe it's any weaker, the thing that breaks is the die cast shift fork which can be changed for a steel one from a ram truck. If you wanted to run a locker in the front it might be advantageous to be able to unlock the shaft.
  14. 86' DJM I-Beam Ball Joint Question

    If you have the beams you should be able to tell by looking at them.
  15. 60,000 or 100,000 miles?

    If you are in the rust belt, change the plugs. It's no fun trying to get the lower part of the metal piece out after they break due to rust. If you are not in the rust belt then don't fix what aint broke.
  16. fishing haida gwaii

    If you put 4 on you'd have to convert the rest of the boat into a fuel tank in order to feed them.
  17. Eagle

    I don't want to fill the site with crap but I found this on the net and thought it was pretty interesting. http://video.ca.msn.com/watch/video/swimming-eagle/2j6w0xd5?from=en-ca-hpquad Don't know why it didn't create a link but if you have any interest in birds it's worth the trouble of copy...
  18. tapatalk

    would someone care to explain what it is, why would I need it and where would I find it if I do need it. Perhaps I should explain why this question came up. I was using the free wifi at a well known eatery, using my tablet thingy to allow one of my friends to check his email as his computer was...
  19. Help with Shaved Handle Kit

    Could just be in need of adjustment. can you hear the solenoid moving when you try to activate it? If not it could be the relay that energizes it. Might be something else but they're the first things that come to mind.
  20. boroscope

    I'm trying to install a cheap boroscope on my craptop but after fighting with it for a while it seems to be missing a file called pac7302.sys. An extensive search on the net yealds only crap I don't want to download, it says it's the driver but it's anything but, when you start to download it...

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