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  1. null

    nevermind lol
  2. 2.8L Duraspark Conversion

    I just saw this reply. I ended up finding a Cardone out of Florida but that is some useful info! Maybe if they get enough people to push for them they can start buidling some? We got ProCircuit to do that with some exhaust pipes on some old Hondas lol, I'm guessing they don't have cores to...
  3. I found a distributor!

    Tech got the truck put back together and it runs like a dream! Unfortunately we ran across an unrelated issue.. Blown headgasket(s)/possibly cracked head(s)...
  4. I found a distributor!

    Is anything from Cardone built with quality? 😂 Thank you for the advice I will pass it on to my tech. He hasn’t said anything about it but that’s good to know. He said he’s about 50% done with the conversion so far, working on building a harness now. I’m not sure of the details on that, just...
  5. I found a distributor!

    Might have been the last one in existence. But the duraspark conversion is in process!
  6. 2.8 Options Other then Duraspark Conversion?

    Keep looking! I tracked a reman Cardone one down in Florida. It was listed on a website as an alternative part# M-12127-10A.
  7. 2.8L Duraspark Conversion

    Ok Thank you! Another thing i found odd was the Napa part numbers listed are their "Mileage Plus" brand instead of Echlin. I worked for Napa for about 7 years and I have been in Toyota and Ford Parts for the passed 12 years, in my experience the Mileage plus stuff was usually garbage. any idea...
  8. 2.8L Duraspark Conversion

    I'm sure this has been asked many many times.. Just bought an 84 Ranger 2.8L 3spd Auto 4x4 She runs rich. The previous owner was planning to do the duraspark conversion and collected some of the parts for it, but was unsuccessful in finding a distributor. I work in parts at a Ford dealership so...

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