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  1. sas on a 99?

    im looking for a lil bit of information on a sas on a '99. its got ifs :thefinger: and the torsion bars catch on everything. anything is appreciated
  2. new motor, old tranny?

    i have a '99 ranger with the 3.0 with a 5 speed behind it. will a 4.0 out of a '98 bolt up to it??? please help me:icon_confused::icon_confused::icon_confused:
  3. HELP!!! '99 3.0 crank no start

    tonight i was bein a dd. dropped my brother off and all of a sudden it sputtered and died. I cant figure it out. anybody have any advice at all???
  4. anyone from bakersfield CA or surrounding areas???

    hey anyone here from bakersfield? or close to it
  5. manual hubs for a '99 with a D35

    does anyone know if they make manual hubs for a D35 on a '99?

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