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  1. New to upgrading wheels

    Thanks all of you for such great information for a newbie on wheels! I took your advice and I ended up getting ranger wheels to avoid the headache. Although I know 15's are also getting harder to find, for the price I paid ($60) for all 4 original ranger wheels, it seemed worth it. I can still...
  2. New to upgrading wheels

    OK more questions - can you put on hub centric rings onto a spacer??
  3. New to upgrading wheels

    I'm finally understanding offset numbers.. SO more positive the offset, the narrower your stance. I thought it was the opposite. I'm guessing these wheels are going to be too tight.
  4. New to upgrading wheels

    Hi there! I have been reading through all the guides about wheel sizes all morning - I am not new to fixing up old cars but I have never bought bigger wheels than stock for any car before. I found the guide, been using the search function, etc trying to soak up as much information as I can. I...

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