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  1. Wanted 1983-1992 Seat Brackets

    I have a regular cab 1988 Ford Ranger with bucket seats. Recently bought this truck and upon inspecting it have realized that my driver's side seat bracket is rusted through. I will be putting in new floor pans soon and when I remove this bracket it will certainly destroy it. I am in search of...
  2. Found! Windshield Moulding 83-88

    Okay I actually went to a junkyard earlier and ended up getting a really nice full moulding for little to nothing. Appreciate the help everyone.
  3. Found! Windshield Moulding 83-88

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to find a full set of windshield moulding for my 1988 Ford ranger. No biggie if it needs painted but I would like for it to have as few dents or dings as possible. Thanks!

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