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  1. The Mud Addict

    Shiftster Giveaway

    I can definitely use this, have 8 Bronco II's, 2 Explorer's, and an Ranger in my driveway in various states of build and disrepair.......... hahahahhahaha
  2. The Mud Addict

    Bronco II r/c

    Slowly building an 3d printed Bronco II body for my rc truck
  3. The Mud Addict

    Members By Location

    Relocated to the Roy, wa area
  4. The Mud Addict

    Post a Picture of your lifted BroncoII

    He passed away just over 2yrs ago....... I now have possession of his Bronco II
  5. The Mud Addict

    Post a Picture of your lifted BroncoII

    Here's pic of my wheeler, on 35in Pitbull Rockers
  6. The Mud Addict

    Post a Picture of your lifted BroncoII

    Here's an pic of "Totalled"'s v8 Bronco II on an snow rescue mission last December, being driven by me
  7. The Mud Addict

    Post a Picture of your lifted BroncoII

    Can't currently upload pics, but just wanted to say that I have "Totalled" a.k.a Pat Manning's old v8 Bronco II in my driveway and it is being properly taken care of right next to mine
  8. The Mud Addict

    August 13th

    Doing a trip to Evans Creek on Saturday the 13th. Have my Bronco II and a few Cherocar's coming along. More are always welcome
  9. The Mud Addict

    Jan 23rd

    Going to Elbe on Jan 23rd, looking for anyone else who wants to come out and play in the snow.
  10. The Mud Addict

    Evan's Creek

    Going to Evan's Creek on Saturday the 30th, need more wheelers to come out and play:icon_hornsup:
  11. The Mud Addict

    Evans Creek

    Doing a 4x4 run to Evans creek on Sunday May 25th. Will be leaving from "Yella Beak" lot in Enumclaw at 11:30am.
  12. The Mud Addict

    My rockers were smashed...

    Started with this.. got a 'lil metal and started chopping also added a 'lil bit inside is mounted through floor to "new" rockers then attached to the frame
  13. The Mud Addict

    Snow Run Jan 21st

    Am going on a snow run on Jan 21st, am planning on running FS 75 above Greenwater. Taking my Bronco II on 33's and my Dad with his '07 Rubi:3gears:
  14. The Mud Addict

    Jan 1st 2012

    Heading up FS rd 75:headbang: Also got some videos http://youtu.be/Z0dMpxEhvQI http://youtu.be/Yqtvv5lM4f4 http://youtu.be/lrmb5hLNpgg We made it to Lonesome Lake:icon_hornsup: On the way out we found an Dodge dually in need of assistance And had to film Dodge retrieval:taunt...
  15. The Mud Addict

    Did a 'lil work on my B2

    Finally got the B2 onto some 38's:icon_rofl: Bought them as spares for the Buggy... just happened to be on rims for a B2, so I put them on just because:thefinger: Did a 'lil up grade to my intake system:icon_hornsup:
  16. The Mud Addict

    Goota love Craigslist...

    I just scored a 'lil something for my Bronco II :thefinger: Got it for $60 :icon_surprised: Has never been used:icon_hornsup:
  17. The Mud Addict

    Evans Creek test run

    Time to take my B2 to Evans Creek for a test run:headbang: Gonna test out the 6in lift, 34's, 5-speed and Duraspark:D Am going on Saturday the 15th, any one want to come along and play:yahoo:
  18. The Mud Addict

    Traded my '88 B2...

    So over the weekend I traded my '88 Bronco II straight across for an '93 Ranger short bed 4x4. With a heck of a story.... This guy calls me up and said he would trade me for my B2. Said his name was Harold something or other. I drive up north towards Canada to meet him. Finally meet up with him...
  19. The Mud Addict

    Pics of 2 out of 3

    Got some work done on the $100 B2. Installed the 8.8in rear and rear lift springs. :icon_welder: So I parked it next to my newest B2, "small" difference in height.:icon_rofl:
  20. The Mud Addict

    Got another B2, have 3 now...

    1988 Bronco II, 2.9l, 5 - speed, factory ground effect kit, front push bumper, rear double tube bumper, cargo cover, and only 140,000 miles!!! :yahoo: For only $600!!!!!:icon_hornsup:

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