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  1. bull90

    Military Mazda B4000 Bulls Build

    Military Mazda - DD & 4x4 WARNING 56k! Car Domain 1998 Mazda B4000 4x4 paid 5440$ for it. since then i certified it, painted it, lifted it and got some tires for the time being! the truck had 163 000km and 4x4 was not in working order. Plans for this truck is to be a more reliable Daily...
  2. bull90

    98 Mazda B4000 Project Budget build SAS

    Project Military Mazda 98 B4000 k soo i got this truck for graduation. had to do a little bit of work. repainted it. put a 3inch body lift. the Vacuum hubs never worked.. soo i bought the Rugged Ridge Locking hubs. 4x4 works fine but my wheel bearings have been shit. replaced one side 3 times...
  3. bull90

    Fan switch or fuse?

    il going in some pretty deep water this weekend and would like to know if theres a way to shut off my radiator fan off.. soo that water dosnt get thrown all over... i have a 1998 mazda B4000 thx! bull
  4. bull90

    Front Stabilizer Bar link and ball joint torque specs?

    delete request
  5. bull90

    Mazda Rear Diff Swap

    k soo i think im starting to have problems with my rear diff. soo im just thinking about instead of trying to fix it... just to rip it out and put it something more reliable.. looking for 5 bolt pattern diffs. another dana 35? or upgrade? maybe a premade diff with a Detroit locker or something?
  6. bull90

    1998 B4000 4X4 Question

    k soo i was planning on buying the AVM Locking hubs. but then i found this http://www.therangerstation.com/Magazine/Apr04/offroad.htm is this worth doing my 4x4 completly failed. and i want to know what this will affect if i decide to do it! and is there any easy lockers for this truck?
  7. bull90

    mazda ford tail lights

    will a 98 ford ranger tail light fit on a 98 mazda b4000 i know they would half to be inverted to fit but. ive tried this once before and the tail light was slightly larger and had harder angles. bottom of fords tail light is almost 90 degree's and mazda's is a bit more oval. any EURO tail...
  8. bull90

    98 Mazda B4000 solide axle swap

    k soo would a 91 ford ranger axle fit on a 98 mazda b4000. and how easy would the install be?

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