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  1. Looking for a Mechanic for 5.0 Swap

    I'm looking for a mechanic to do a 5.0 swap in a 1999 Ranger 4.0L. I am in the Sacramento area, but I'm willing to travel a bit if the mechanic has done the swap in the past. I've been quoted $10k for the work (including parts), but the shop has been slow to respond and I'd like to have this...
  2. Paying a Mechanic for V8 Swap

    Thank you all for the feedback. You gave me a few avenues to go down, unfortunately moving isn't one of them. ;)
  3. Paying a Mechanic for V8 Swap

    My 1999 Ranger 4.0 has a leaky transmission, and over 200k miles on it. I have some funds to buy a different car, but I'm pretty sentimental about this one. I was quoted $10k for a V8 swap as a starting point, but I don't know exactly what the quote entails. Also, I don't know what other work...

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