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  1. A4LD rebuild

    So the oil pan gasket needs to be replaced during the rebuild and the shop is telling me that since the transmission is out, they're going to charge me 1/2 the labor, 3.5 hours instead of 7 hours. Is 3.5 hours accurate for the oil pan? Seems like a lot since the transmission is already out...
  2. A4LD rebuild

    Awesome, thank you!
  3. Vacuum Modulator Double Check

    Can anyone tell me if the vacuum modulator can be accessed from a floor panel in a 1990 B2 (as described in the Explorer forum), or can it only be accessed by removing the cat? The shop is going to double check that the pin/rod is not missing before rebuilding the A4LD. Thanks.
  4. A4LD Failure, Looking at M5OD-R1 Swap

    Hi Rick- I'm not doing the swap after all. Don't have time to hunt down all the parts. Getting the auto trans rebuilt.
  5. A4LD rebuild

    So if I was to make a checklist of, say, the 4 or 5 most important things to make sure my transmission guy does during the job, what items would be on that list for sure?
  6. A4LD rebuild

    Hi folks, Need to get my transmission rebuilt but want to check with y’all to see if a better, more reliable option is available or would fit a 1990 2.9 4WD. Not doing the 4.0 swap or other modifications, just want a dependable daily driver. Thanks!
  7. A4LD Failure, Looking at M5OD-R1 Swap

    Thanks. I wouldn't need the bracket on an auto-to-manual conversion?
  8. A4LD Failure, Looking at M5OD-R1 Swap

    I'm slowly gathering parts. Would this work for the clutch pedal assembly? Haven't found earlier than 91 so far. Are there additional parts needed for this? - Bare minimum Manual pedal assembly. Clutch, complete- pressure plate, slave cylinder, master cylinder, reservoir and line, throwout...
  9. A4LD Failure, Looking at M5OD-R1 Swap

    This is great information, I really appreciate it! I would like to go slow and make sure it's done right, so I'd like to at least try to get the current transmission shifting again. The shop is going to check the vacuum modulator and band adjustments that the previous shop did. Any other...
  10. A4LD Failure, Looking at M5OD-R1 Swap

    So in other words it might be tough to find an '89-'92 Ranger with the 2.9-M5OD combo? And the only issue with the 4.0-M5OD is that it's geared slightly differently?
  11. A4LD Failure, Looking at M5OD-R1 Swap

    Thank you! It actually is now at a different shop because I felt like they weren't really interested in doing a lot of troubleshooting. I have mentioned to look for the pin in the vacuum modulator. In terms of a donor truck, I assume it needs to be a 2.9 4WD as well? What years am I looking for...
  12. A4LD Failure, Looking at M5OD-R1 Swap

    Hi everyone, I bought a 1990 Ford Bronco II 2.9 V6 4WD Automatic about a month ago. For a couple weeks it was losing about a pint of trans fluid every 2-3 days but shifting great as long as I topped off the fluid. A shop found trans fluid in the modulator valve and the vacuum line, replaced the...

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