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  1. Madracingalley

    7.5 diff cover

    Hey guys, Anyone know the part number for the 7.5 Rear axle Differential cover with the Oil fill pulg on it? My buddy stripped the one on his axle and from what he understands the 4x4 ones had fill plugs on the covers. Thanks in advance for the info, Mad.
  2. Madracingalley

    Replacing the Pivot bushing.

    I just got my new I-Beam. and with a bonus it came with the radius arm and the spring! So my questions are.... How do I replace the pivot bushing? Is it possible?
  3. Madracingalley

    How hard to replace a beam

    So I went to the dealership today for an alignment (I do my own work otherwise) and They called me up telling me they can't align the caster/camber. I said, thats why I took it to you to align it!!!! So the service writer tells my to follow him to talk to the tech. the tech shows me my front...
  4. Madracingalley

    How do I change my gearset 4:10 to 3:73

    Well its time to go to college and thats a 12 hour drive and the 4:10's Are just too tall for the trip, so I want to go for 3:73's. I have a supplier for gears but, How hard is it to change my ring and pinion. I have a 31 spline axle if that makes and difference
  5. Madracingalley

    O2 Sensor Tap size?

    What is the proper Tap for the O2 Sensor bung on my 1994 Ford Ranger 4.0LV6
  6. Madracingalley

    Show off your Ladder Racks and cargo racks

    I'm looking for ideas for when I build mine!!!
  7. Madracingalley

    Massive elecrtical issues... I think.

    I have a 94 Ranger 4.0L 5-speed that is giving me horrible driveability issues, When I start it up it runs just fine. Two minutes later, It just loses all power and makes me feel like it's going to die..... But It just stumbles for awile (as I'm giving it gas)... Then all of a sudden (30...
  8. Madracingalley

    Gas tank questions, need truck tomarrow!

    Ok, so the story thus far, My gas rear gas tank strap rotted out, so I decided to replace the filler neck along with that. Of course the strap kit only came with the rear strap, and so Now i'm only going to replace the rear strap. My questions.... 1. How does the left side of the strap...
  9. Madracingalley

    Where to Find build sheet

    So just where in the world is my build sheet?....
  10. Madracingalley

    4.0L Build-up.

    I just bought a 90TM-AB block with less than 100,000 Miles on it. I am starting to tear it down and want to rebuild it as a Bulletproof 4 Liter engine. I wanted a 4 Liter block to rebuild so I could learn about its inards without tearing into my engine in my truck. I paid $100 Bucks for the...
  11. Madracingalley

    90TM-AA Into 90TM-AB

    So I have A 94 Ranger with a 90TM-AB 4.0L V6 in it with 176,000Miles. My Autotech teacher has a 90TM-AA 4.0L V6 with less than 100,000Miles from A rollover victim 95 Explorer For $100 bucks. It ran perfect when they pulled it 4 years ago. I want to get it as a replacement engine for my ranger...
  12. Madracingalley

    Nice Mud Bog In Granville,NY

    Mettawee Mud Boggers Map Went there today in my buddies XJ and saw One Ranger.... And it was a tow vehicle.... Good Mud $20 Per Vehicle $5 a Person. The link is to a map there website is www.mettoweemudboggers.com
  13. Madracingalley

    Fuel Delivery Issues

    Ok so a few days ago the Ranger started Dogging and Bucking. And I figured It would have been another Vaccuum leak. But, sadly after hooking up the smoke machine at school. Nothing...... So In my own Rage.... I brought the MODIS out and connected it to the DLC and out pops a 553 and 556 OBD-I...
  14. Madracingalley

    Fuel Pump Relay

    My ranger has been dogishly slow in the last two days. So I hooked it up to the MODIS and got codes 553 and 556 which are fuel pump relay shorts. Has anyone had this before? Just trying to see if it is a simple fix beforei start hacking...
  15. Madracingalley

    Starter won't turn....

    Ok., So Saturday morning, I start my truck and it starts just fine. Then, I drive to the car wash and as I'm waiting for the next avalible bay to open, I shut it down. When I went to start it up again, No Dice.... So I drive it home (After A Push start) and bring the truck into the garage, Test...
  16. Madracingalley

    Loses Power. Sometimes.

    Ok. So I just replaced my Clutch and Slave Cylinder and I put the O2 Sensors in on the opposite sides to see If it would make A difference. It does run awesome for the most part, But, After startup, I will drive to the end of the street, and It will bog completely out for a mile or two, then all...
  17. Madracingalley

    No brake lights

    Ok I have run into this problem before. I forgot how I fixed it though. I just replace the clutch and now my brake lights don't work. What do I do.
  18. Madracingalley

    Kick In the Balls....

    Well, I got my clutch all together, everything else together, along with getting it blead up. and low and behold... the Throughout bearing is SHOT....... So. Now I have to pull the tranny out again, and replace the throughout bearing
  19. Madracingalley

    Found An Easier Way....

    ....To bleed your Clutch Master Cylinder. Anyone who has blead this system knows they have to remove the wheel well, unbolt the cylinder from the firewall, and flip it over to hand bleed the system to get the air bubble out. Well after getting tick off by this for the last time (leaky slave...
  20. Madracingalley

    Rough Country, anyone?

    Has anyone tried out the Rough Country 4" Lift kit in there Ranger. It runs in my price range at around 440.00 With Shocks included. Any hint I should know?

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