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  1. copperminer2002

    no 3-4 in a4ld please help

    I had to change the wireing harness on my 88 Bronco II My tranny has a three prong plug on the tranny and I think it is for the 3-4 shift and the TC lock up The wireing harness I found only has a two prong female plug end. I was sure the one I took out had the two prong also and it shifted fine...
  2. copperminer2002

    A4LD wireing problem

    I had to change out the wireing harness on my Bronco. I found that the 3-4 plug on the tranny had three pins, and the wireing harness I put on only had two. I found a three wire plug but don't know where the the wires go. The two wire plug had a red wire and an orange wire. The plug I found fit...
  3. copperminer2002

    Couple more BII projects

    I was given an 86 or thereabout BII the other day so I figured that sence I sold my Ranger I might start a build on this one. As you can see its in pretty bad shape. Homemade lift, toe in is way off. Bad chop on the top, no dash. It has a good running 2.8 and a five spd tranny. Diffs are good...
  4. copperminer2002


    [/IMG] Is this an STX? Its an 88 w/2.9 EFI. I was looking at the STX that one of the other guys picked up and it has a center consol where mine has 60/40 seats. Mine is 4x4 too. The emblems are gone off the bed, but it looks like it could have been STX emblems. What else do I look for?
  5. copperminer2002

    need direction

    I am thinking about swapping a 5.0 FI into an 88 Bronco II or my 88 Ranger. I read the thread by rwenzing, Explorer 5.0 swap, but that seems to refer to the later model RBVs. Anyone know a good thread about swapping in an older vehicel? Just need to know how much trouble I would have, or even if...
  6. copperminer2002

    what do I do??

    What do I have to do to post pics on here. It says I may not post attachements???
  7. copperminer2002

    My old beater 88 Ranger

    I plan on doing a little work on this one. Don't know to what extent yet tho. I wanna make it look a little better. I finally got it running after about two weeks of pounding my head against the garage door. I was a little embaressed when I found the problem. Egnition wire on the wrong side of...
  8. copperminer2002

    no pulse to the injectors!!! 2.9L

    I just replaced the 2.9L in my Ranger, with the one out of my Bronco II. No difference in the two, but now I have no pulse to the injectors. I read on here some place that the negitive ground wire should be attached to the frame and the chassie. The one I took off was, but the new one just...

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