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  1. disciplerocks

    Ranger, Explorer, Focus, SuperDuty mash up

    Guess who's still around :icon_cheers: I have a pile of parts I'm going to throw together and hope it works. Some will remember I lost my B2 over 2 years ago in a garage fire. Been collecting and sitting on parts for my next rig. Parts list: 97 2wd Ranger frame 94 Explorer 4.0, A4LD/5R55E...
  2. disciplerocks

    Looking for pics with bed skin cut out for storage

    As the title says. If you have some pics please share. Looking to add some storage to my F150.
  3. disciplerocks

    disciplerocks's new trailer build

    Picked this up for $400. Was planning to build my own, but the cost of 2 axles would have run me close to what I got this for. Its 14x7, 2 6 lug axles with electric brakes. After looking at it, the guy needed to clear all his stuff off. Got it home. Also had a full width 8.8 in the bed of...
  4. disciplerocks

    What cost me 100.00 and 1.5 days labor

    Hell of a deal. Nice find.
  5. disciplerocks

    Best Axle Swap

    I also agree with this
  6. disciplerocks

    Best Axle Swap

    I agree with all of this
  7. disciplerocks

    Best Axle Swap

    A 44 is probably best for all around including street. If its strictly off road, then go bigger.
  8. disciplerocks

    Best Axle Swap

    It would help if you explained what it will be used for and budget.
  9. disciplerocks

    Tach not reading correctly and speedo gear

    My tach does not respond. It moves as the rpms go up, but its not correct. I already tried to swap it for another unit. Where does the tach get its signal from on a motor with a coil pack? Also swapped in 3.73s. Currently have a black 20 tooth gear. What gear should I be looking for to correct...
  10. disciplerocks

    Let's see what's out there....

    My newest project. I've had it 7 days today. Dream Beams and 31 spline 8.8 out back.
  11. disciplerocks

    disciplerocks's 91 Ranger build thread

    So I picked up a 91 Ranger XLT on Sunday. 2.3, 5 speed, 2wd, single cab, long bed. No huge plans for it at the moment other than a drop, but then we all know how the B2 build went as well. Pic from CL ad Sunday after picking it up. And one next to the B2. Monday I installed the 2002...
  12. disciplerocks

    sas d30 Fabrication

    Either stay with coils, or get a better axle.
  13. disciplerocks

    First attempt at a '20s look

    First attempt so let me know what you think.
  14. disciplerocks

    Dana 44 high steer knuckles?

    I will be doing it, but its not in the cards for me right now either.
  15. disciplerocks

    Tranny wont shift after filter change

    Ok so we picked up a 96 Explorer control trac 4wd with I believe a 4r55e. Did a full tune up which included tranny filter and fluid. Not a flush. Now transmissions are not my strong point. I've swapped manuals and replaced several clutches, but anything internal I have not messed with. Add the...
  16. disciplerocks

    Dana 44 high steer knuckles?

    I know all that. I've done the research. And apparently there are 2 differen styles and mine can be machined so I am in luck.
  17. disciplerocks

    D44 spindle nuts

    Thank you sir. Why did Ford stop using them? Seems like they would be a hell of a lot better than the nut washer nut setup.
  18. disciplerocks

    D44 spindle nuts

    Found these at the u-pull. Came from an F250 with a HD44 TTB. Anyone ever seen them before? They have teeth in between them.
  19. disciplerocks

    HP44 coil setup questions

    This was my original plan, but then I realized that you cant attach a bracket to the axle and the radius arm because the arm needs to flex on the wedge.
  20. disciplerocks

    Dana 44 high steer knuckles?

    So I was doing a little research and it seems I need certain Chevy or Jeep knuckles for high steer. The 2 sites I found said there is no enoungh room on Ford knuckles to mount the brackets. And based on the pictures they provided, I believe them. The problem is my knuckles don't look like the...

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