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  1. dvdswan

    New member hi everyone

    Welcome to the site.
  2. dvdswan

    3.0 no start

    Just washed the truck, did a quick cleaning of the engine compartment, it was not hosed down. Started the truck to let it warm up, finished vacuuming the interior and the belts were squeaky/chirpy, so I shut the truck off. (it was running for about 5 minutes, temp was still cool). Finished up...
  3. dvdswan


    I bet you sport the circle beard too...
  4. dvdswan


    Not even that. he's got boulders for balls... that's tough. That's why kicking him doesn't work.
  5. dvdswan

    '85 Ranger Restomod

    Micro management. You have to be careful with those ones.
  6. dvdswan


    A fun pun on the run, sun.
  7. dvdswan

    New member from NY

    Welcome to the site.
  8. dvdswan


    Welcome to the site.
  9. dvdswan

    Lift help

    Suspension and Body Lifts - The Ranger Station
  10. dvdswan


    Do some research. Everyone has different tastes and styles and none of them are wrong. Select what fits best for your style and taste. Suspension and Body Lifts - The Ranger Station
  11. dvdswan

    Purchased 88 Bronco II

    Welcome to the site.
  12. dvdswan

    Hello from Burlington Ontario Canada

    Welcome to the site.
  13. dvdswan

    First time Ranger owner.

    Welcome to the site. As for pictures...
  14. dvdswan


    Makes sense with a deeper pan. It seems silly why they would do that, just have a deep pan for both. So, the S and W models have 16 and E models have 18. I didn't think to count them. Thank you both. @RonD and @snoranger So, which type is better for the pan gasket: cork gasket or paper?
  15. dvdswan


    So I'm looking up 5r55e transmission filter and gasket kits for my 02 Explorer 4WD (trans code R) and 02 Sport Trac 4WD (trans code D), both have the 4.0 SOHC. I want make sure I'm ordering the correct filter set for each. I know through researching the forum and google the ST has a Ranger...
  16. dvdswan

    New-to-me Ranger

    Welcome to the site.
  17. dvdswan

    Needing a TV provider, tired of just PBS

    I use the Firestick and a digital antenna. There are a lot of FREE streaming services, as mentioned before; PlutoTV, TUBI, FreeVee (used to be IMdB) are a few. TUBI give me live local news from all the Seattle channels, but its only news and what they want to provide off news hours. Some...
  18. dvdswan

    Hi to the crowd

    Welcome to the site.
  19. dvdswan


    Bee. Welcome to the site.

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