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  1. mikkelstuff

    Strengthen/Repair headliner?

    I had the auto upholstery shop do the headliner in my 2002 Ranger when redoing the seats - HA!
  2. mikkelstuff

    What did YOU do today?

    Speaking of which - finished adding more outlets to the master bathroom per request of the wife. What a pain - finding a route to run wire through the wall and into the basement and then wire/conduit back to the outdoor junction box. I do use plastic conduit - yeah wimpy compared to metal but...
  3. mikkelstuff

    Old but New tires ?

    I went through this once. A new set of 10 year old Goodyears. Looked perfect. The first one shredded at about 100 miles. The whole tread came loose from the tire carcass. So much for this good deal!
  4. mikkelstuff

    Whine from in-tank fuel pump

    Yes, change the filter first.
  5. mikkelstuff

    New tools you've bought recently?

    Bought this Klein sheet metal crimper. Works really well. Just wish I'd known about these crimpers years ago. As is, I've got to rearrange and insulate some 6" round duct work and I'll be cutting and crimping this duct work in the process.
  6. mikkelstuff

    Transmission won’t go on

    Yeas ago when installing transmissions with manual clutch releases, even though all was lined up proper, we'd have to hit the clutch release once before the transmission would seat in place. Don't know if that's possible with a hydraulic slave cylinder but seems likely.
  7. mikkelstuff

    Ramblings of life long Ford man

    In his last year, I asked my Dad (95th Division, Patton's Army) if his Army buddy LLoyd taught him how to repair radiators? He said "No, LLoyd was terrible at it." So he taught himself as the need was so great - repairing bullet holes.
  8. mikkelstuff

    What did YOU do today?

    Finished installing a new whole house furnace humidifier in the sister-in-laws house just down the street. Wouldn't be so bad but my tools just aren't at hand and I always run into something unexpected. There was an existing humidifier on this furnace but my gawd what cubby workmanship. Gawd I...
  9. mikkelstuff

    Ramblings of life long Ford man

    Ramblings > My Dad - radiator repairman, mechanic, and self-taught machinist - ran his own shop in rural small town Nebraska. I swear he could rebuild or fix anything back in the 50's and early 60's when labor was cheap and parts expensive. A complete engine rebuild ran about $350. Many times...
  10. mikkelstuff

    Toilet bowl cleaner eats rust.

    Hey, the toilet bowl cleaner does wonders to my coffee cup as well!
  11. mikkelstuff

    What did YOU do today?

    Installed a new kitchen sink faucet for the sister-in-law just down the street. No blood sacrifice today. I still need to install a whole house furnace humidifier for her. Sister-in-law lost her husband to Alzheimer's just over a year ago and has no help from her parasite son. I get paid back...
  12. mikkelstuff

    What did YOU do today?

    Installed a new dishwasher for the sister-in-law (husband died finally with Alzheimer's). Disgusting how it could take 3 hours to replace a 12 year old Bosch with new same size Bosch and I just replaced ours last year. These things fight me all the way.
  13. mikkelstuff

    Lift help

    Gosh, I was going to recommend a floor jack!
  14. mikkelstuff

    Fuel Tank

    I've sealed a metal tank like that with a sheet metal screw overlaid with epoxy. This lasted as long as I owned the car. Check the sealed leak with a small amount of gasoline. You might also check Spectra for a new tank: https://ecat.spectrapremium.com
  15. mikkelstuff

    Booster/Master Cylinder Upgrade?

    Hydroboost is absolutely worth the effort if you are up to it. As I understand it, the hydroboost from a Ford Astrostar van is fairly adaptable. I have not tried this conversion on my '02 Ranger but did do a hydroboost conversion on my '75 Ranchero last summer. I'm still stunned by the braking...
  16. mikkelstuff

    Have you been here for 15 or 20 years or more?

    And I thought I was older than dirt! Only about 9 years for me.
  17. mikkelstuff

    What did YOU do today?

    Made a set of steel racks for over the third garage door. This is to get the assorted pile off of the garage floor. Now steel on the top rack, pipe and conduit on the second rack, and lumber on the lower. It may not be so easy to pull down what I need but the floor pile was no better and always...
  18. mikkelstuff

    2.3L ('83-'97) Drilled out ignition key!!!

    That looks pretty bad. Someone attack your Ranger?
  19. mikkelstuff

    What did YOU do today?

    Built-to-Last: I'm told PVC is no longer permitted for residential water lines. Ok for sewage. Something about chemical release into the water with PVC. I now use only CPCV with glued fittings or Sharkbite push-to-connect if joining CPVC with copper. Sure, takes longer than cheap PEX band...
  20. mikkelstuff

    What did YOU do today?

    Yes lil_blue_Ford. I blame the outfit that installed the water softener. Crap for a job! I did not trust the 22 year old pressure regulator either. May have been ok but no way to know. Pressure gauges are cheap. Hence a set now before and after the new pressure regulator so I know what's going on.

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