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  1. Fordisthebest30

    Lift Kit

    So, I know it's not a ranger, but I have finally decided to lift my sierra. I want 35s with enough clearance to where they wont rub, and I only want to do suspension. Can anyone point me in the right direction to go in? Im looking at rough country, and there 4 and 6 inch suspension kits are...
  2. Fordisthebest30

    Problem with new truck

    i bought a new truck about a month ago, and i went to the dark side. 2000 GMC Sierra 4x4 with 125k miles for 7 grand. Well after i bought it i noticed a slight tick and it's been driving me insane. Heres a pic. Anyways, maybe it's just me but it only happens occassionally when it's cold and im...
  3. Fordisthebest30

    End of an Era

    I sold it couple weeks ago. I was getting tired of fixing it all the time in 40 below, and i have high hopes of buying a newer ranger, or full size truck soon. Im leaning torwards buying a full size truck, and then buying and building a play ranger or toyota. As for the mean time, im driving...
  4. Fordisthebest30

    master cylinder and hydraulic line swap

    I had the hydraulic line that goes into the slave cylinder with the quick disconnect line break. Im not a hundred percent sure what transmission I have, I have a 97 4.0L OHV 4x4. I guess my question is , how do I change both parts? I have the quick disconnect tool but I have no idea how to...
  5. Fordisthebest30

    What do you guys think?

    Ok, so first off ive been having some idling issues. I thought it was the IAC or MAF. So I cleaned both really good with MAF sensor (MAF Cleaner) and Carb and brake cleaner (IAC). Both didn't work. I then moved onto the coolant and engine temp sensors because my sensors weren't operating...
  6. Fordisthebest30

    End of an Era for my Ranger

    I may be going to dark side and trading my mazda for a 99 silverado http://fairbanks.craigslist.org/cto/3461059973.html any advice? thoughts on that truck
  7. Fordisthebest30

    Need help! I need some maguivire advice on how to bleed a clutch with one person

    I have to work in less than 12 hours, and i went to go down the road maybe 4 miles and the clutch acted strange. Well i have found the problem, the clutch reservoir was below the nipple. This is strange because i checked it 2 days ago. I think i blew a seal somewhere, but dont know. I am not...
  8. Fordisthebest30

    weird idle/driving issues

    so i have a 97 mazda b4000 4x4 with the 4.0L OHV and everything is stock. I started getting a weird idle back when it started to get cold outside, and now that it's -20, the truck is running strange and idling even stranger. I would usually just throw it out because it's cold and that brings out...
  9. Fordisthebest30

    rough idle

    I've gone through most of the tech library to try and find what i need but im not sure. For starters, when i start my truck in the morning to let it warm up, it tends to jump rpms from 500-800, and it almosts sounds like it's breathing. I am going to pull apart the MAF and clean it, but what i...
  10. Fordisthebest30

    Wow nice truck

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Ford-Ranger-5-Speed-Manual-4x4-Pickup-Trucks-4wd-Extra-Cab-Truck-Low-Reserve-V6-/370615693279?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item564a6aafdf i would love to get this ranger if i could afford it
  11. Fordisthebest30

    hunting and fishing is disgusting!

    i guess the best argument for hunters is that it's better to kill off a few deer than have a bunch starve and die. I do get why people don't like it because of the asshole poachers that give good hunters a bad name
  12. Fordisthebest30

    Where's your good spots and game?

    no? i bought a .338 win mag when i turned 18 here, and i live in alaska. Handguns are 21, rifles are 18
  13. Fordisthebest30

    You might go to a redneck school if....

    It's been tough living in Juneau where theres only deer and ducks. Duck killing is great here, deer is another story. For deer here you have to travel by skiff to an island and shoot one o the island. Can't wait to move up north and go for Moose. Im into bigger game anyways, deers fun tho.
  14. Fordisthebest30

    Favorite guns to shoot?

    id have to say my .300 savage, or my Colt 1911 .45
  15. Fordisthebest30

    auto start for a manual?

    I'm moving to fairbanks soon and i am toying with the idea of throwing an auto start in my manual mazda. I know it's not the greatest idea, but who wants to run outside in 50 below to start their truck? any advice?
  16. Fordisthebest30

    Build Thread 1997 Mazda B4000

    I have done many things to my truck in the past year, and i just decided to keep her, and pour some more money into it because i am keeping her. So far: New Tie Rods New Clutch and Slave Cylinder New Carrier Berring New Leafs Breaks All Around New Cherry Bomb Muffler and Exhaust So far, i have...
  17. Fordisthebest30


    i want 33s on my mazda. im currently running 31s on stock rims with no rubbing and no fender trimming. can i run 33s if i put a 3 inch body kit on my truck? any help would be appreciated
  18. Fordisthebest30


    o have a 1997 Mazda b4000 4x4 and the power doesn't work. I even tried popping the clutch and nothing. I've pulled every fuse and found nothing. I've checked the voltage on the battery and checked the terminals, nothing. Checked the ground off the battery it was good. I'm really stumped. I'm not...
  19. Fordisthebest30

    1997 mazda b4000 4x4

    I am going to put a 4 inch lift with 33s on my truck, but i need to know the following. Ok the kit is a starter kit, but will i need a steering extender, brake line extenders, how will i adjust the angle of my split shaft driveshaft? any help would be appreciated
  20. Fordisthebest30

    4WD doesn't work , NEED HELP

    Its getting really slippery and i have been trying to fix my 4wd. To start off i have a 97 B4000 4x4 and my T-Case is 1354. I have manual warn hubs. The 5wd worked great when i bought this and worked great before winter, Ironic huh? well Today i pulled the motor and blue cap was great, no signs...

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