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  1. broughton88

    93 ranger front diff crack!

    so i got a anouther ranger its got a 4 or 6'' suspension 3'' body and first snow fall i was using the 4x4 and it was kinda howly wen i was on it so i looked at front end and i and i see this slice on the top of the diff from the lift bracket i think its cause the bump stops are to small.. has...
  2. broughton88

    93 4.0 tick?

    Hey guys I just a 93.ranger with the 4.0 it ticks wen cold alot when I get the.rpms up and and when I shift it makes weird noises it is a 5spd has anyone had this kinda problem? I hope its not a piston slap... Any leads would be great thanks.
  3. broughton88


    ok guys i need help i just go new headers for my 88 ranger 2.9 and guess wat all the manifold bolts snaped:sad: wat a suprise and ideas how to get them out.:icon_idea:
  4. broughton88

    88 ranger project

    This is my 88 ranger that was sitting on a farm for 5yrs with a bad clutch. i got it for $500 iv replaced everything that you could think of its on the second engine, drive train and everything eletrical under the hood has been replaced because of bad fuel leak fire.. this truck has gone...
  5. broughton88

    pics of my 88

    This is my 88 ranger that was sitting on a farm for 5yrs with a bad clutch. i got it for $500 iv replaced everything that you could think of its on the second engine, drive train and under the hood eletrical because of fire.. im always working on this thing to try to make it nicer its just a...
  6. broughton88

    fuel pump not shutting off

    hey guys i need help... i got a 88 2.9 and the first fuel pump/fillter on my truck the one behind the drivers fender well wen i turn the key the pump will turn on and it doesnt turn off evan wen i turn the truck off i have to keep turning the key off and on a bunch of times and then it will turn...
  7. broughton88

    Need Help Bad Heat Cant Figure Out Problem

    ok i got a 88 ranger with a 2.9 and the heat is terriable the heat gauge works fine doesnt over heat i think it goes up to 210 than thermostat kicks in and then it runs at 195... the raidator hold good pressure and does not leak the heater hoses seem to be fine one hot the other not as hot. iv...
  8. broughton88

    need help..2.9 running a little funky

    if some one could give me some ideas on wat this problem could be that would be lots of help. some times when driving my truck wen its all warmed up and everything ill be driving and and and wen i come to a stop my rpms will be jumping around and ill give it gas to try to keep it running and it...
  9. broughton88

    88 ranger 5sp ?

    do any of you guys not if your tranny holds fluid between that and the transfer case because it got a leek. just wondering if it needs a better seal or if its in the tranny
  10. broughton88

    help me!! 2.9 88 ranger no balls

    i have a 88 ranger with a 2.9 v6 i just had a fire under the hood because fuel leak so i replaced the hole engine wireing harness and everything that burned and it runs and everything but wen you try going in first it trys to kill like it has no power until you get the rpms up does anyone have...
  11. broughton88

    New to TRS

    hey im new and just wanted to say hi im 17 my name is mike im from wisconsin and i love muddy fords.. i have a 88 ranger high rider i built from the ground up still needs work its just recovering from a engine fire. 88 ranger, 2.9 v6 5 spd, 5inch lift 31x10.5 super swamper tsls locked front and...

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