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  1. Kelvinf

    Anyone do Genealogy / Ancestry?

    I did the Ancestry.com one from a gift. I have traced last name back to my 17th great-grandfather born in 1385 in the Netherlands on my dads side. I guess its ends with me due to having a daughter born and no son.
  2. Kelvinf

    Anyone do Genealogy / Ancestry?

    Familysearch is great.
  3. Kelvinf

    Missouri Kansas Ford Ranger Owners group on Facebook Meet 03-17/2024

    Hello everyone. We had a meet yesterday at Twin Peaks in Independence Missouri. Here are some pictures of the group.
  4. Kelvinf

    Stuck in 4 high

    Our 98 Ford Explorer did the same thing a few weeks back except it was stuck in 4x4 low. I undid the battery for 30 minutes and let it reset, It came out of 4x4 low but would not change no matter where you turned the dial. We replaced the shift motor and it works like a charm again.
  5. Kelvinf

    Salvage Yard Seats - Airbag Safety

    Post some pics when you get them installed.
  6. Kelvinf

    Salvage Yard Seats - Airbag Safety

    I cut the tracks off of the Ranger and Focus seats and then welded the Ranger tracks back onto the Focus seats. Removing the tracks took the most time. Its an all day job but worth it. .
  7. Kelvinf

    Utility bed Ranger in KC

    Not mine but nice in KC. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1083370826016717/?mibextid=dXMIcH
  8. Kelvinf

    NOTICE TRS Calendar 2024

    It finally delivered last week. Its a very nice calendar. Thanks @ericbphoto for your work.
  9. Kelvinf

    NOTICE TRS Calendar 2024

    The calendar place said: Hello, It definitely has been shipped out. It will stay in that status until USPS scans it in to their system. They have informed us that they are very backed up at their sorting facility so things are taking a bit longer to get moving. I apologize for the inconvenience
  10. Kelvinf

    NOTICE TRS Calendar 2024

    Mine says the same
  11. Kelvinf

    Hey everyone.

    Welcome to the site.
  12. Kelvinf

    95 Ranger

    Welcome to the site.
  13. Kelvinf

    Hello from Poland . My Ranger Edge Restoration

    Nice color on the truck. Welcome to the site.
  14. Kelvinf

    Greetings form NE Florida

    Welcome to the site
  15. Kelvinf

    Good evening

    Welcome to the site.
  16. Kelvinf

    NOTICE 2024 calendar vote

    I believe the checks are the ones you voted for.
  17. Kelvinf

    KC area members?

    A few pictures from the Missouri/ Kansas Ford Ranger Owners facebook group meetup last Sunday.
  18. Kelvinf

    KC area members?

    I'm partial to red rangers.
  19. Kelvinf

    Salvage Yard Seats - Airbag Safety

    I installed a set of 2016 Focus seats in my 98. They have the same warning underneath. Mine have no power to them either. No worries in them going off.

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