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  1. Destroyer000

    5r55e interchage

    so i have a 00 ranger with a 4.0 and a 5r55e, reverse is gone. if i put it in gear and i can sorta of feel it engage but doesnt move, all foreward gears work good. i have a spare trans out of a 2002 i believe ranger 4.0 . i noticed it has an xtra sensor on it. will that matter as far as swapping...
  2. Destroyer000

    winch brake replacement

    any one have any experience in replacing a drum brake on a smitybuilt winch 12k? i have a issue with mine holding on a hill. smitybuilt was cool and sent me a replacement under warranty but no info on swapping it out. i know there is a coupler on the end of it and a allen bolt in the drum...
  3. Destroyer000

    what drive shaft

    specs dana 44 front 1345 transfer case . i need a dual cardan shaft for my front . did a 5.0 swap and my buddy had this tcase i could use. its all in but i dont have a front drive shaft. the stock shaft would be a perfect fit but the yoke on the tcase end is too wide . what shaft could i get...
  4. Destroyer000

    info for 1345 speedo gears

    ive done some research past few days... iam not coming up with what i need. i just did a 5.0 swap in my 95 ranger. :yahoo: got the borg warner 1345 case behind the 4r70w trans and my speedo is way off.. i need a new drive gear in the transfercase. i cant find the one i need to order or a part...
  5. Destroyer000

    V8 swap

    00 5.0 explorer motor in my 95 with the 4r70w trans and a 1345 tcase... I go it in. But fitment is terrible. I had to move trans mount over 2 inches and notch frame for tcase clearance. Pass side exhaust collector sits right above frame rail and pipe hits. So rhis has to be notched too. And...
  6. Destroyer000

    suprized i didnt blow it up

    suprised i didnt blow it up we here in ny snows coming down and the truck grim reapers are out. so i decided to put my "beater" truck on the road. 99 ranger. 4.0 motor is out of my 99 blue truck dd. i swapped the blue one to a SOHC. well i got it on the road 2 weeks ago. its been great...
  7. Destroyer000

    dana 44 hubs

    what hubs do you guys run for the dana 44? ive got 2 sets of the warn premium hubs and ive managed to screw both sets up. tonight i have one that wont engage kinda ratchets, and it wont unlock so to speak. the other set became extremely hard to twist to the point you had all you could with a...
  8. Destroyer000

    my 99 is getting converted....

    so as some as you know... my 95 is an extreme mut! its got a 04 sohc motor. 00 cab, 96 frame, 76 front axle the list can go on! iam now in the process of tearing my beautiful blue 99 OHV motor out of my dd.. motor runs fine just did new heads and pushrods, rocker and rocker arm spacers on it...
  9. Destroyer000

    pats changability

    need some pats help. got a buddy who is slowly killing his 5 spd and wants to convert over to a auto. hes got a 99 ranger 3.0 and i have a complete 00 auto 3.0 ranger. to see if it would work we took the computer and swapped the ignition from the 00 into the 99 and its a no go. theft light...
  10. Destroyer000

    issues with d44 premium hubs

    i know what you mean. i did the same thing with mine. but it doesnt even compare to the other one as far as ease of turning. i did notice if you loosen the lock ring its significantly easier to turn but wont work very well due to not having that ring tight.
  11. Destroyer000

    be carefull what clutch you buy!

    figured i would warn you fellas/gals when buying a clutch from advance auto for a 93-97 4.0 ranger. i just converted my buddies truck form a 3.0 to a 4.0. we installed a new clutch, slave, master. been having an issue with it disengaging and allowing it to go into gear. when its started in gear...
  12. Destroyer000

    issues with d44 premium hubs

    anyone have any issues with the warn premium hubs? i have a set on my ebd44 and my pass side one is a MOFO to turn. driver turns like butter. i took it off and in the hand its hard. i tried to lube it a little and didnt seem to help. i have another hub and it does the same thing. :icon_confused:
  13. Destroyer000

    Early bronco disc conversion

    i believe there the same size. did he swap to chevy knuckles? or use 76 eb knuckles?
  14. Destroyer000

    ifs superlift kit

    so iam looking at lifting my dd. its a 99 ranger 4.0 blah blah blah. iam looking at the 01-newer ranger k358 kit instead of the recommended k357 kit made for the 98-00 ranger. from what i understand and the research ive done the difference between the 2 kits are the knuckles. everything else...
  15. Destroyer000

    need something cut.

    any one have a plasma table or cnc and could possible cut something out for me? iam building a custom headache rack for my girlfriends fathers truck for xmas. . iam building the frame out of 2x3 box tube and doing a web center theme. id like to get a Maltese cross 12x12 out of 1/8 plate cut...
  16. Destroyer000

    super lift/ skyjacker leafs

    i just recently did a little overhaul to the ole truck.. well when i did this i upgraded the front coil buckets and now i have a 2 inch negative rake.. i got some 4 inch blocks from my buddy yesterday and truck is level now.... but its not a permanent fix. with the angled block its throwing my...
  17. Destroyer000

    4.88 gear issue

    any one ever run into a problem with installin 4.88s in a explorer 8.8 axle? me an a buddy are regearing my axle from 4.56 to 4.88. old pinion shim was .035 or so and carrier shims were the stock ones from the 4.10 gears. well we ran all those shims inplace to get a rough idea.. way to much...
  18. Destroyer000

    i need some scholing on heim joint steering

    ive got an eb 44 under my truck now. steering is under knuckle with 1 ton tre set up. i just went with a new steering kit from ruffstuff with heims.. with the kit i got 4 heims , 4 safety washers, and 4 misalignment my question is on the placement of them all. i would assume the safety washers...
  19. Destroyer000

    Dana 44 regear tips & tricks

    when me an holyford 86 did my d44 we did set up bearings ... sanded the insides untill i could drop them over with ease on the pinion and on the carrier... we started with stock shims and was almost Perfect first time.. had some slight adjustments and ones we got the right combo we pressed new...
  20. Destroyer000

    eb spindle questions

    some of you may know, ive swapped my truck to a sas with a eb dana 44 1976 axle.. iam curious about the chevy brake swap .. it stops great now with 35s under it.. my question is what do you need to swap the chevy calipers on? from what i have found.. this only works on pre 1976 axles with...

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