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  1. green_duck42

    Chrome Skin removal

    I just got a killer deal on a set of 98 chrome skinned wheels. I needed a new set because my old ones where rusted and bent to hell. The wheels i just picked are in great shape but I really don't like chrome on my truck. I was wondering if anyone on here has had any luck removing the chrome...
  2. green_duck42

    Anyone have a camper shell on their Ranger...

    Scott B., what do you have for a rear bumper? Is it homemade?
  3. green_duck42

    Dana 30 leaf spring hangers

    I replaced my shackle hangers and those are bolted on. I know on average the bed is a lot lighter but max payload has to be heavier than the weight of the 3.0.
  4. green_duck42

    Dana 30 leaf spring hangers

    I was planning on having a friend weld the perches on the axle housing but I was trying to avoid welding up the hangers if there was away to get around it. I can fabricate some parts at work but I can not pull my truck in and weld anything on to the frame. I was just wondering if it would be...
  5. green_duck42

    Dana 30 leaf spring hangers

    I have read several articles about d30's and didn't see anyone address my question so hopefully someone has an answer. This is not going to be a crazy trail rig and I will probably be running 31s or 33s max. I have blown through 2 sets of stock hubs and 3 cv shafts and just want to get rid of...
  6. green_duck42

    Axle Tag?

    I recently swapped the rearend in my ranger. I have spent hrs looking for the decoding of the donors tag. Iknow its the right gear ratio I just want to know if its L/S. I spent hours combing the internet only to constantly get directed back TRS. I believe the tag is to be read as: A is the...
  7. green_duck42

    james duff bronco II bumper on a ranger?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering the compatibilty of a bronco II rear bumper and a ranger rear bumper. i would like a beefier bumper than stock with a swing away tire carrier. i have seen the prerunner style that replace the tail gate but i like having a tailgate and cap. i found a bumper that i...
  8. green_duck42

    solid front axle

    Does anyone know what the last year ford stopped making the ranger with a solid front axle?
  9. green_duck42

    3.0 to 4.0 anyone with success?

    I have a 98 4wd 3.0 just die. I have checked through a bunch of threads and have found a couple people have asked about swapping the 3.0 for a 4.0. I was wondering if anyone has done it with any success and if so could you possibly give a run through of what is actually necessary other than...
  10. green_duck42

    1998 motor swap?

    I have a 1998 4x4 Ranger ext. cab with a 3.0. I was leaving work, stopped at a traffic light and noticed it was ideling a little rough. I went about another 3 miles and noticed a clicking or ratteling coming from engine compartment. hoping it was only the exhaust rattling, I kept driving and...
  11. green_duck42

    1998 or 2001+ manual hubs

    I was wondering if anyone knew of manual hubs for the new live axles. I have a 98 ranger with the pulse vacuum. I have gone through 2 sets of the stock hubs and 1 set of the AVM/Rugged Ridge manual hubs and they are junk. I didnt know if anyone knew anything about using the warn hubs. I have...
  12. green_duck42

    1998 front differental information?

    I have a 1998 4wd Ranger 3.0 ex cab. I have been having some front end issuses for the past 3 months. At random times, any speed and without braking my truck will pull hard to the right momentarily. When in 4wd there is a clicking. It sounds like the cv shaft but I replaced the right cv shaft...

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