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  1. Big Red Ranger

    vapor locking with fuel injection

    my truck is vapor locking on me when it is hot out. It is fuel injected. Dose any one know what the problem could be.
  2. Big Red Ranger

    Who is in New mexico

    i know its not only me and gabe8810
  3. Big Red Ranger

    1 link ?

    has any one done a triagular 1 link
  4. Big Red Ranger

    drive by in the ranger

    my friend wanted to do a little picture taking with his new camra I know it is on the street but all daliy drivers are
  5. Big Red Ranger

    limited slip

    i hurd it is useless off road in less its rainy out side
  6. Big Red Ranger

    off roading in new mexico on may 23

    i was the only ford guy with all jeeps and one jeep guy was a off road guide and said i would brake out on the trail..... i didnt he did
  7. Big Red Ranger

    where to get coil springs?

    where can i get 4 inch, 6 inch, or 8 inch coil springs used or new.
  8. Big Red Ranger

    will a dana 44 bolt right up to a ranger

    will it do this with out cutting the axle
  9. Big Red Ranger


    my friends got a so;id and the flex is prety sweet
  10. Big Red Ranger

    Summit rancing 302 moter mounts do they work?

    found these on summit and it says good for 4x4 conversion is this true? http://store.summitracing.com/partdetail.asp?autofilter=1&part=ADD%2D713018&N=700+4294908331+4294907827+115&autoview=sku
  11. Big Red Ranger

    12 miles a gallon with a 2.3L 4x4 is this posable

    12 miles a gallon with a 2.3 4x4 truck!!!!!!!:bawling: is this posable or is it a timing issue Its an 88 and i just rebult the engine any Help please and what can i do to fix it :D
  12. Big Red Ranger

    will a mustang svo 2.3 bolt into a 2.3 ranger

    might pick up 2.3 svo mustang and the body is junk and the engine is good my question is will it bolt in to my 88 ranger with no problem?
  13. Big Red Ranger

    2.3 header ?

    will a 2 wheal drive header fit a 4 wheal drive
  14. Big Red Ranger

    88 ford ranger 2.3 rebuild

    engines head bolt popped out and was burning oil After i had fixed it the first timw before i ever tuched it
  15. Big Red Ranger

    2.3 performance help

    i need more power but not alot of money can some one help me out with some kind of idea:dntknw:
  16. Big Red Ranger

    rear main leak

    how can you stop it or will you have to change it
  17. Big Red Ranger

    bed kleats question

    dose this come on any rangers years 88 and lower or just couriers
  18. Big Red Ranger

    How to lift the front bumper

    i Got a 3" body lift and need to lift the front bumper how should i do this? :icon_confused:
  19. Big Red Ranger

    how do i left my bumpers

    i have a 3 inch body lift and need to lift the bumpers. how should i do this?

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