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  1. Hooligan2c

    The gun thread...

    I'll throw some in too! Mossberg 930SPX Semi-auto, added a tactical rail, green DOT and flashlight with strobes Ruger 10/22 Take Down with a modified flat dark earth color Tapco stock for separation 9MM Beretta, 40cal Beretta and 40 cal Taurus PT100 Ruger 10/22 with flat black Tapco...
  2. Hooligan2c

    my ruger 10/22

    Great setup!! I have a couple of them as well and they are great guns! If you get the ruger 10/22 take down, There is a guy on ebay that modifies the tapco stocks for it and they are great!
  3. Hooligan2c

    How to swap eyelets on Fox coils?

    I have all the parts to do a coil over swap for my truck. The coil overs came with standard eyelets for the base, but I need to put the extended ones on. I was told by my mechanic that the whole shock has to be taken apart, resealed and filled again with nitrogen. I have heard of guys on the...
  4. Hooligan2c

    New rims went on today!

    Mickey Thompson Classic Locks, 15x10 rims, I got them from TurdFX4 last fall brand new in the box!! I had the BFG 35's mounted the other day and they fit great!
  5. Hooligan2c

    Prepping for coil over swap & have questions

    I am prepping for a coil over swap on my ranger. I have all the parts EXCEPT limiting straps. Are limiting straps REALLY needed? Right now I am looking for anyone who has a coil over setup for some tips, advice and hopefully pictures. I also need some guidance on removing the torsion bars...
  6. Hooligan2c

    4.0 Trans cooling line replace

    Hey guys, yesterday my lower trans cooling line rotted and blew out. This line runs from the trans cooler to the lower connection of the radiator. I have a repair kit coming in about 30 mins. My question is, can I just throw the new line on with this kit or do I have to bleed something or...
  7. Hooligan2c

    Are there any members who fabricate things here?

    I need some help. I recently put on my Superlift Sway bar end links. They seem to be too tall, and today I noticed one is actually bent! Does anyone on here do any type of fabrication that could make me custom end links? I can get the appropriate measurements and I am more than happy to pay for...
  8. Hooligan2c

    What 4.0 SOHC can I use?

    I have a 2001 ranger with the 4.0 SOHC in it. I am looking into getting another 4.0 SOHC engine to learn how to rebuild it. What 4.0 SOHC engine will be a direct swap for my truck?
  9. Hooligan2c

    New door!

    After waiting a while for the body shop to finish painting the door, It is finally on! Door latches were swapped as well just to be sure since I got the door from an 02. It is the passenger side rear door that was replaced Before: After:
  10. Hooligan2c

    Superlift VS RCD lift

    Right now I have a Superlift on my truck. I have the opportunity to get a used RCD lift and was thinking about swapping them. Does anyone have input on which is better? I have always heard RCD was the better of the two, but right now I need to know for sure before I buy this. Any input is...
  11. Hooligan2c

    My truck...from the beginning

    This is the day I got it, already had the Superlift suspension lift and 33" tires PA body lift added, tried some aftermarket rubber flares....took them off later Painted the grille, added blacked out headlights and nite shaded the 01 corners. I also added aftermarket tails...
  12. Hooligan2c

    ABS engaging while braking

    Yesterday my ABS system starting engaging during routine braking. While it did that the ABS light came on, but when I turn the truck off, the light goes off. Now today the ABS comes on every time I brake and the light stays on once again til I turn the truck off. Any ideas what could be causing...
  13. Hooligan2c

    New stuff = New pics!

    Picked up a set of like new 35's from a buddy of mine for 300.00 the other day so I figured I would share it with you guys! I got the 35's on yesterday after the rims were re-finished. I am still waiting for the center caps I ordered. I wanted to test the ride out without my sway bar, I was...
  14. Hooligan2c

    35's and stock gears

    I have heard 2 different sides to this one on other forums. So I am asking this forum the same question. I have stock 4:10 gears, limited slip rear. Can I run 35" tires on these gears without shredding them. I was talking to a buddy of mine today about running 35's with the stock gears and he...
  15. Hooligan2c

    New from PA

    A buddy of mine Brinker88 told me about the site so I finally joined up. I have been around forums for a few years now and learned alot. I hope to learn more on the technical aspects of my truck here! I have done alot to it so far, most recently 06+ front end swap, POR15 the undercarriage and...

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