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  1. skiboarder


    Anyone ever put a 350 in a BII? I know it's cross breading but, I have a 350 in my garage that is in great shape. Best of all it was free.:icon_welder: Calling D. Moreau
  2. skiboarder

    Catalytic converters have proven to be reliable and effective in reducing noxious tai

    However, they may have some adverse environmental impacts in use: The requirement for a rich-burn engine to run at the stoichiometric point means it uses more fuel than a lean-burn engine running at a mixture of 20:1 or less. This increases the amount of fossil fuel consumed and the...
  3. skiboarder

    Utah peeps!!!

    :icon_thumby:I know there are more then 3-5 peoples from Utah on here. The growing trend also seems to be meet and greet. We should do the same. I live in north ogden, but maybe we should meet somewhere in SLC. I guess this would be mostly northern Utahns(Wasatch Front). What say ye...

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