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  1. For Sale 1990 Bronco II $4500 or trade in NC

    Been working on this thing for close to a year now. Trying to make it I to a reliable DD and back up kid hauler, but I've run into a snag. I can't find any help figuring out a legal and self doable way of putting 3 point belts in for the rear seats, without being accused of child endangerment...
  2. Shoulder belts/harnesses in the back seat

    Nice looking seats, but don't have belts.
  3. Shoulder belts/harnesses in the back seat

    Have been looking at suburban and tahoe 3rd row seats, but the suburban I know is 47.5" wide, unknown about the Tahoe. I need something like 44". This is the suburban seat. Could I just chop out the center part of the frame, and have the covers narrowed down? I have also found after market...
  4. For Sale 1989 Bronco II and 1st Gen explorer

    Still here. Message me directly if interested, the forum isn't giving my notifications when threads are replied to.
  5. For Sale 1989 Bronco II and 1st Gen explorer

    In first post, NC zip 27355
  6. For Sale 1989 Bronco II and 1st Gen explorer

    No takers on the explorer?
  7. Wanted Speedometer cable needed

    I am in need if a speedometer cable for a 1990 4x4 bronco ii. Did a 4x4 swap on a 2wd that did not come with the factory dummy case, and my cable doesn't reach the case. This is going to be my daily, and it's almost on the road.
  8. Shoulder belts/harnesses in the back seat

    Research has shown that some early 2000's F150's, and mid 2000's f150's and some extended cab super duty trucks, have integrated seat belts. Does anyone have one of these trucks and could measure the seat height and width for me?
  9. Shoulder belts/harnesses in the back seat

    Thought about that, but the wrangler seat is still a low back seat, and doesn't have should belt provisions. Granted, high back isn't a deal breaker, as the boosters have high backs, the shoulder belt/restraint is my biggest inquiry.
  10. Shoulder belts/harnesses in the back seat

    With the windows being the entire sides of the vehicle, there us no structure to mount anything to in the typical location. My two current thoughts are mounting two buckets with built in seat belts, this would give high back for head/neck safety, and 3 point belts; a mid height hoop with two...
  11. Shoulder belts/harnesses in the back seat

    I was wondering if anyone has ever added shoulder belts or 4 poimt harnesses to the rear seat in a Bronco 2. My oldest child is too tall for booster seats with the harness, and I'm looking for a step up in safety from the lap belt. This bronco has to serve as my daily and main kiddo transport...

    I appreciate it. I suppose there is some truth to that. I appreciate it. Now to try and find these parts.

    Could I trouble you for two more: right cable routing over the axle, routing through the spring at the driver's side?

    Yet again I'm kicking myself for getting rid of my parts vehicle before completing my project.... I need pictures of the Bronco II parking brake cable routing and connecting parts from axle cables to front cable. I have the front cable, and new rear cables, but when the axle was swapped into my...
  15. Stuck parking brake pedal

    Eventually I pulled it out, after having to pull the fender to hold the welded nut that broke 😡. The pedal was stuck rusted, the release, although released, was stuck, and the release handle lever was bent, not fully pushing the release. AND I broke the release handle rod while trying to...
  16. Stuck parking brake pedal

    Front seats and carpet have been stripped out of it, they were done. I've got plenty of room now to lay in there, and I may try that tomorrow when I go over to try and get it buttoned up enough to get out of my parents garage. Picture for fun.
  17. Stuck parking brake pedal

    At some point a long time ago, the e brake got pushed with the brake cables disconnected. I've tried pulling the release and pulling the pedal up, but it's stuck. Pedal does not move at all. Release is working as best as I can tell, but I've not wedged my 350 lb self up under the dash yet to...
  18. Wanted HELP! Fuel lines

    Think I got something figured out.
  19. Wanted HELP! Fuel lines

    One is the springlock, ans the other is the female side. I could make the one going into the rail work, but would need a female end for the regulator side. In their fuel line connectors, Dorman does show the springlock connectors, but not the remale ends. On top of this, I was really hoping to...
  20. Wanted HELP! Fuel lines

    Yep, I'm an idiot. I'm in central NC.

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