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  1. 4x4TILL_I_DIE

    stock ranger u joint ?s

    I am going to replace the driveshaft u joints on my 96 4.0 4x4 5spd ranger and I can't find for the life of me what the driveshaft u joints part numbers are I want to replace them with Dana spicer ones. Does anyone know what the part number is? Thanks
  2. 4x4TILL_I_DIE

    HELP I need a new y-pipe for my 96 4.0

    I'm hitting a dead end trying to find a y-pipe for my 96 4.0 mine is rusted into oblivion. Anyone know where to get one or know if it's the same for a ford explorer, i found one for that but it was 135.00, thats it though.
  3. 4x4TILL_I_DIE

    96 4.0 egr valve delete can it be done?

    I'm having problems with my 96 4.0 ranger it was running really rough and missing bad. I couldn't figure out what the problem was so I ended up taking it into town to are local shop. It ended up being a bad egr valve. Well it and all the lines and everything it connected to is apperently so...
  4. 4x4TILL_I_DIE

    going to look at a 2002 ford ranger supercab 4x4

    I'm going to look at a 2002 ford ranger supercab 4x4 on Wednesday. I belive it is the fx4 can't tell from the pictures. It is a 4.0 5spd with brand new tires and 108000 miles they are listing it for 6995. It's at a dealer so I imagine that i can negotiate with them a little but probably not...
  5. 4x4TILL_I_DIE

    odometer worm gear replacement

    I'm in the middle of replacing my odometer worm gear everything was going fine until i went to put the new worm gear on. The new worm gear i got of ebay that is made out of delrin [so it won't disintegrate like the stock one] won't fit on the shaft of the motor. It it supposed to be a press on...
  6. 4x4TILL_I_DIE

    Heat keeps blowing out of the defroster and the floor vents

    I keep having heat blowing out of the defrost and floor vents even when the control is set to off. It will stop only if i turn defrost ON and set it cool or if I turn the A/C on thats it. I have resorted to stuffing a glove into the floor vent and diving with the windows down but it gets HOT...
  7. 4x4TILL_I_DIE

    For the REALLY HARDCORE guns guys....

    I'm always wanted a m82a1 I think they look awsome. I'd however recommend the m88b it's in .338 lapua it's cheaper to shoot and will shoot out there almost as good as the barret and it will do it cheaper. The rifle isn't subject to many of the same laws that a .50cal is and it's about half the...
  8. 4x4TILL_I_DIE

    Spindle Nut Sockets ?? HELP

    I'm going to be replacing my auto hubs with manual ones and I was wondering what spindle nut sockets I was going to need to take off the ones for auto and put on the ones for manual hubs. I don't think there the same size so I'm assumming I'm going to buy two sockets. I have heard not to buy the...
  9. 4x4TILL_I_DIE

    my 96 wont go in to 4x4

    My 4x4 isn't working and I can't for the life of me figure out whats wrong. :temper: I click it in to 4x4 High i hear a few clicks behind the radio and I roll forward to get it to lock in and wait to hear the clunk of it locking in and it never happens. The 4x4 light pops up on the dash and...
  10. 4x4TILL_I_DIE

    cragar street lock d window black wheels

    I've been looking at these wheels for a while now http://www.autopartsdealer.com/cragar_street_lock_d_window_black_wheels_3525812p-p321453-p.html will I have any problems putting these on my rangers 235-75-15 fitment wise? I think they will fit just fine but I want to make sure I have all the...
  11. 4x4TILL_I_DIE

    simulated beadlocks

    Hey guys I'm a little new to the wheels and tires subforum so this is probably going to sound stupid. I'd like to get a set of simulated beadlock rims for my truck the stock ones just ain't doing it for me. I'd like to have them stick out a little I think that looks pretty good kinda agressive...
  12. 4x4TILL_I_DIE

    truck starts then dies??

    I can start my truck up but when I let off the gas the rpm's drop instantly to nothing and the truck dies. I popped the hood and on the radiator I noticed a bunch of seeds and mouse crap now I don't drive it every day, about once or twice a week so could some stupid mouse have done something...
  13. 4x4TILL_I_DIE

    Harley Davidson ranger?? such a thing

    :icon_confused:I saw this ranger today in town that was black and had two orange pinstripes down the side and then the harley emblem near the ranger. It was a 2wheel drive short bed regular cab 94 or so style. It had dual 2.5" pipes coming off the cats that side exited before the rear tire. I...
  14. 4x4TILL_I_DIE

    tach with shift light

    I am looking for a decent priced tach with a shiftlight to put in my ranger. I'm on a budget so the cheaper the better. found one by sunpro 5" supertach III they anygood
  15. 4x4TILL_I_DIE

    jba ignition wires

    What are the benifits of running aftermarket ignition wires? I don't know if mine have ever been changed the truck has 166,466 miles on it. But at the same time they look fine and I'm not having problems with them.
  16. 4x4TILL_I_DIE

    how to tell what gears I have

    I have a 96stx 4.0 I would like to know what gears I have in my truck. how do I tell? thanks
  17. 4x4TILL_I_DIE

    aftermarket hood

    Does anyone know where to get a aftermarket hood with hood scoop or a flare to it. I found one one summits sight but they want $409.00 :icon_surprised:for it. thats ridiculous to me. my trucks a 96 stx 4.0 supercab if it matters.
  18. 4x4TILL_I_DIE

    KC daylighter disassembly

    Does anybody know how to take apart KC daylighters? I just got 4 and there filthy inside. thanks
  19. 4x4TILL_I_DIE

    4 100W KC daylighters

    I have a 96 stx 4.0 and I was going to put 4 100w KC daylighters my question is can my alternater take it?
  20. 4x4TILL_I_DIE

    please help

    Ok so I got this back rack from a guy my dad works with. He had it mounted in his ranger but he doesn’t have a toolbox and I do and I’m not getting rid of it. I was thinking of running a brace from the center of the rack to the center of my toolbox since I have bifold doors I have a nice space...

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