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  1. 1993Ranger4x4

    Need Vin Number

    I bought a 1996 Mazda B4000, it started off life as a 4.0L Automatic, 4x4. It is now a 4.0L Manual 4x4. However the previous owner swapped in modules that are not reading correctly. I have access to the ford scan tool, and ford data to program the modules, but not mazdas. The modules and...
  2. 1993Ranger4x4

    Steering Wheel HELP!

    I've had two alignments done on my truck, it seems to be in alignment and drives straight down the road. Steering wheel is way off center. I need a quick fix, If i get this steering wheel adapter and put an aftermarket steering wheel is there any way to make the wheel appear straight...
  3. 1993Ranger4x4

    The New SVT

    The ranger is taking a summer vacation, and this little beauty is getting put on the road. I couldnt pass up the deal, and with the rangers 14 MPG I'm hoping this little SVT will do a little better on gas (even though it drinks premium)
  4. 1993Ranger4x4

    The gun thread...

    I have my three pheasant guns: My newest gun: Beretta Silver Pigeon V My First Shotgun: Stoeger Condor O/U And i have a Western Field 12 ga. S/S my grandfather gave me, no pics of that.
  5. 1993Ranger4x4

    Lets see your camping vehicles!

    This is my trailer, been working on restoring it. Has a fresh coat of white paint on it now. This is before the ranger was lifted.
  6. 1993Ranger4x4

    M50D Noise

    1993 M5OD 4x4 118K Miles It does need a new clutch and has since I bought it. Since I bought the ranger, there is a quiet ticking noise coming from the transmission. All gears, have not noticed it in revers. Seems to be loudest in 4th (1:1 Ratio) Trying to diagnose this problem. HAve had...
  7. 1993Ranger4x4

    3.0 Performance Build

    Alright, the engine in my truck right now has some serious issues. IT only has 117k miles and is burning a quart of oil every 100 miles, and whenever i check the oil its usually foamy and the last few times theres been a lot of water in it. So rebuild time. Got a good running engine to throw...
  8. 1993Ranger4x4

    Tuning SRW

    Okay I am a complete newb to the CB game, and just have one to run trails, for emergencies, and for the fire department members. I have a cheap Radio and a cheap antenna. I have a 17" Mag mount on the rood of my reg cab ranger and my radio is Just a cheap Radio Shack CB. Here are the specs...
  9. 1993Ranger4x4

    TTB 6" Lift

    Alright been doing some searching and not a lot has come up. I have the skyjacker 6" Lift. I also have the FA600 drop pitman arm installed. Not crazy about the angle of the steering. Plus the Joint that connect the two rods hits the rear most rod at sharp turns. How is the pitman arm...
  10. 1993Ranger4x4

    Any members that are emergency service providers?

    Any emergency service providers here? Such as EMT, Firefighter, ETC If so, what do you have for a light set up on your rig? Looking to do a really low cost setup on my ranger. Joined the FD about 6 months ago and am just finishing up with my firefighter 1 course.
  11. 1993Ranger4x4

    1 Year Pics

    Bought the ranger exactly a year ago today! Here it is the day I bought it! And Today: Let me know what you think!
  12. 1993Ranger4x4

    3.0 to 4.0

    Ive been searching for info on what exactly is needed for the swap. My truck is a 1993 4x4 5 speed I want to keep it 5 speed and 4x4 so... I need a 93-97 4.0 with 5 speed 4x4 transmission correct? Need the complete 4.0 wiring harness. Need all the accessories from the 4.0 and the Radiator...
  13. 1993Ranger4x4

    Getting Ready to do my lift

    1993 Ranger 4x4 SkyJacker 6 inch with rear blocks. I have shocks, I have the FA600 drop pitman arm ,I have the rear U Bolts. ALso the extended brake lines. I will be disconnecting the sway bars and just not running them for a while. And I bought new radius arm bushings. Anything else I...
  14. 1993Ranger4x4

    1994 Extended Cab Buckets in a 1993 Regular Cab

    Well my 1993 ranger has a decent bench seat, Ive tried driving around with three people in the cab and it just didnt work out for me, shifting into fourth or reverse was nearly impossible. Anyways... My grandfather is finally scrapping whats left of his 94 Ranger Extended cab. It had the...
  15. 1993Ranger4x4

    Wheel Spacers/Adapters & Dayton M/T's

    Okay found a pretty good deal i think, dayton timberline M/Ts, i know they are discontinued, 4 33x12.5x15 tires with about 70% tread left mounted on black 15x10 d window type wheels. The wheels are 5x5.5 but come with adapters that are 5x4.5. is it okay to run these adapters, will it do any...
  16. 1993Ranger4x4

    33x12.5x15 on 15x7 wheel?

    is it okay to put a 33x12.5x15 tire onto a 15x7 wheel? This will be mostly street driven so i wont be airing down much. thoughts and opinions?
  17. 1993Ranger4x4

    CB Power Supply

    What should I use for the power and ground when istalling my CB. I used the Cig Lighter and get nothing but Ignition noise unless I have something else plugged into the Cig Lighter.
  18. 1993Ranger4x4

    Mastercraft Courser AT2

    First off let me say, best tire for the money, hands down. I have had these tires for 5,000 miles installed in December of 2010. They are the 265/70/15 I was looking for a tire that would be good, on road (50,000 treadwear warranty) and off road. This tire has exceeded my excpectations in...
  19. 1993Ranger4x4

    Does this look like a fair deal?

    http://newlondon.craigslist.org/pts/2396054517.html offer him 200, if he says no...walk
  20. 1993Ranger4x4

    Skyjacker 6 Inch U Bolts

    Buying a lift kit from a member here, the U Bolts arent included. Its a 6 inch lift kit with blocks. What are the dimensions of the ubolts? Any links to a site that they can be purchased at? Thanks

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