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  1. Are the different motors for the ranger equally good?

    My 4.0 doesn't even eat 1 quart in 6000miles. It has 175K on the clock. The reliability of any engine is more of an indication of how it was maintained than anything else. Design has lots to do with reliability, but only at the beginning of its' usable life. After that, maintenance is the key...
  2. Locate Coolant Leak

    You smell coolant when running? You find no external leaks? Does the exhaust smell like coolant? That indicates that coolant is going through the engine. There will always be pressure in a heated cooling system, but pressure in the reservoir is indicative of blown head gasket. The cylinder...
  3. conceal carry gun rant

    The question of caliber in a CCW is moot. That hole in the business end looks HUGE when it's pointed at you, no matter the real dimensions. Criminals are usually gutless opportunists. If someone defends themselves (by any means), they look for easier prey. Watch truTV for examples. I actually...
  4. remove broken leaf

    Removing a leaf is a big deal. Make sure the leaf pack is correctly tightened with a new center bolt after you remove the leaf. Also remove the same leaf on the other side of the same axle. Your ride will be softer, and, depending on which leaf is removed, could be too soft. FYI: A hanger flip...
  5. For the REALLY HARDCORE guns guys....

    He also got shoved back about 10 inches for that five round volley. That had to hurt.
  6. Unusual Problem(?)

    Seems to me that everything you mentioned can be related to electrical issues. Possibly regulator or alternator. I believe the regulator is internal to the alternator. I suggest checking there.
  7. '10 2.3 slow coolant leak around water pump

    It's either a gasket failure, or the pump has failed. If it is under warranty, have it fixed with a new pump or new gasket. I would use a dab of fingernail polish to let me know whether I got a new pump or just a new gasket. Don't just let them dump some sealant into the system, it will only...
  8. help narrowing D44

    You asked for advice and help. You got it. If you don't want to do something, don't. Quit arguing with those that answer. When you ask for advice and then argue with or whine about that advice, you sound like a petulant child.
  9. Multitool/Knife check!

    Tools and trucks ... both work best for a specific task if customized. I have 2 trucks, each customized to a task, and a customized multi-tool.
  10. Multitool/Knife check!

    customized SOG tool. Works exactly how I need it, when I need it. Compound leverage and replaceable / changeable tools are perfect for me. Knives? I make most of my own sheath knives and have them heat treated. Pocket carry is a single blade, 20yr old black buck knife (small one) and a...
  11. Latest Survival Gear

    Crocodile Dundee had a bowie, not a fighting knife. Kabar made the knives used by the marines in WWII.This is the same pattern, with modern materials. Good lookin' knife.
  12. 04 Smokin' Duratec

    Check compression, change PCV valve. Then think about seals.
  13. coolant system flush

    Drain coolant. Fill with water. Run engine until it reaches normal temperature. Drain it. Refill with water. Run to temp. Drain, and don't forget the overflow bottle. Refill with 60/40 coolant / water. Run it as normal. The 60/40 mix will be enough to account for water left in the block (you...
  14. Carrier bearing

    Ford did produce trucks with the two piece carrier bearing drive shafts. 89 was one of those years.
  15. Part Identification

    valve cover breather hose. Buy bulk hose and replace it. Ford will cost too much.
  16. move leaf springs

    The first step would be to relocate the gas tank. Then You need to drop the rear axle and remount the spring perches and shock mounts. Then ... If you don't have a basic idea about how to do it, you are in for a treat and a whole lot of work. And after you are all done, the truck would be...
  17. Where can I get ...

    Where can I get the headliner fabric used on the interior of camper shells? I was just given (gratis) a Century brand bed cap. Fits perfectly, no cracks in the fiberglass and only 2 broken windows, but horribly rotted head liner.
  18. Opinions please about my prob

    I have an idea of what might be wrong, but I want unbiased opinions. The problem: The throttle will not back down in most deceleration cases. When I release the throttle to decelerate, the throttle will most times stay at the last RPM speed (clutch in or out). i have to come to a complete stop...
  19. no clutch pressure

    1999 4x4 XLT manual with a 4.0 non OHV Very cold this morning when I got in the truck. Put my foot on the clutch and it went to the floor with no resistance. When I pump the pedal rapidly and repeatedly I get enough pressure to (mostly, not entirely) release the clutch. Clutch reservoir is full...
  20. Is there a full float axle i can put in my Ranger?

    Does anyone know if there is a full floating rear axle that will fit (width wise) under my 99 ranger? I really don't want to have to shorten a longer axle but I want a better axle under my rig.

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