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  1. 88rangr

    Looking for new or aftermarket Valve covers for a longblock

    Hello all, I have a rebuilt longblock 2.9L, I want to buy new , aftermarket or good used valve covers, any help is appreciated, have tried to find online, but no luck yet Thank you!
  2. 88rangr

    1988 Ranger 2.9L emissions fail, low idle miss

    Hello fellow Ranger owners, I failed emissions. I have replaces and corrected. Plugs Wires Cap Rotor Set timing I pass the 30 mph test, but fail the idle test, hydrocarbons are elevated, obvious miss in cylinder. What else would you check or replace, all new sensors but the TPS. Thanks for...
  3. 88rangr

    2000 Ranger Passive key problem

    Hello all, Helping a friend who lost the one key for the ignition with passive anti theft, I had gotten a copy of it for the door so we could unlock door. Merles Auto has a new key+cylinder, but how do we program the key to start the Ranger, is there a way if you do that without going to Ford...
  4. 88rangr

    1988 Ranger 2.9 L Bogs down

    This 88 has 236,000 miles on her, having problem with bogging down, but if I can hit the throttle down, it can get by the bogging and run well, replaced the fuel prssure reg and the MAP sensor, is this a dist problem you think? Have not took the battery off to reset the computer yet, should...
  5. 88rangr

    86 Ranger 4 cyl Fuel pump keeps running

    Hello all, Trying help a Ranger owner. He says he has a 1986 Ranger 4 cyl, he said that the fuel pump keeps running, ignition is off, kills the battery. He did install a Bronco 2 steering column and still does it. Head scratcher for sure!
  6. 88rangr

    Tucson Ford Ranger Club on Facebook

    Hello Ranger and Bronco II owners in Arizona esp Southern Arizona. I have set up a Like page for Ranger owners, I push TRS and Merles Auto as some of my sources for help and parts. LIke and post a picture of your Ranger! We can help steer more to TRS that way! I run the page, LD Newman...
  7. 88rangr

    Timing gear timing

  8. 88rangr

    Timing gear timing

    Hello all, I have the new water pump bolted on the cover, and have painted the cover Ford Red! ALso the new gears and chain plus guide and tensioner are on, but wondering about the timing, both marks are correct and pointing at each other, but I did notice that the bottom cog moved with...
  9. 88rangr

    Need help removing timing gear cover 2.9L V6

    The camshaft bolt on this 2.9L is a T-55, finally got everything off, left side tensioner broke into two pieces, hairline crack , have that ordered for Monday.
  10. 88rangr

    Need help removing timing gear cover 2.9L V6

    Pictures of Ranger work
  11. 88rangr

    Need help removing timing gear cover 2.9L V6

    Hello fellow Ranger owners, I am replacing my water pump and while in there, I want to replace the gear and chain set. All the bolts off and balancer off, is there a trick to get the cover off? 1988 Ford Ranger 2.9L V-6 with 230,000 original miles, no rebuild yet! Thanks all! Larry
  12. 88rangr

    A4LD tear down video

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBNkCTuQ3So great video on teardown of a A4LD, used in Mazda as well as Ranger's
  13. 88rangr

    88 Ranger Ignition switch short

    I have a 7amp draw that I have down to the wire off the starter relay, it seems to feed the ignition key area of wiring, what is the fix? Fire problem? thank you all! I just replaced the key ignition module in the column and it still is drawing power at 7 amps. Just called Merles Auto here...
  14. 88rangr

    A4LD fluid leaking up front at 75MPH

    Hello all, I have a problem that seems to erupt on the freeway at around 75, which is 2900-3000 area RPM, it was dripping out and slinging onto the exhaust, when I got off the freeway and the RPM's dropped accordingly, the problem went away, washed it off, put some good sealer in to replace...
  15. 88rangr

    Have a question on this Radius Arm Bushing

    Replacing Radius arm bushings Hello all, I have just replaced my radius arm bushings again, I take out the spring and undo both bolts and back off the nut that holds the bushing tight to release the arm, then put graphite urethane back in[/ATTACH]bushings back in. ask me any questions.. yes...
  16. 88rangr

    Rear Anti-lock light

    Hello all, The dash light came on after doing a brake job, I replaced the sensor on the rear axle on top. What else can cause the light to come on, or do I need to check something around the rear brakes? Thanks for all the great help here!
  17. 88rangr

    LED's for your Ranger

    Hello all, You can replace almost all your regular bulbs with LED, I did all of mine except the headlights and the two Turn signal indicator on the dash, did that to keep the flasher working. I took apart everything in the truck, A/C, shifter, gauges etc. Then all the outside lights, including...
  18. 88rangr

    My 88 Ranger

    This is my Ranger at night, all LED except the headlights. YES, all, it took a while, but I replaced all incandescent bulbs with LED, so no big deal to leave your running lights on.
  19. 88rangr

    2.9L fuel Injection 1988 4X4 Ranger

    Hello all, I have replaced the in tank screen and pump, the high pressure pump on my frame rail, it does boot up on turning the key forward, but no real pressure when I poke the schrader valve. Engine turns over fine.. Is the the fuel pressure regulator bad maybe? Full tank of fuel.

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