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  1. Axle spacer washer wearing.

    I was thinking of just machining my spindle a bit shorter. Say a 16th or 1/8 of an inch off. Then there isn't as much pressure on the spacer. It sucks living in an area with 5 months of snow or icy roads and have these hub issues. I see now why my Dana 28s never had the locked in hub...
  2. Axle spacer washer wearing.

    Or is there some after market fix?
  3. Axle spacer washer wearing.

    Can a guy convert to the flat bearing washer like the Dana 28?
  4. Axle spacer washer wearing.

    I have had quite a few B2's, early Ranger 4x4s and now my 1st Explorer. A 92 4dr 5spd, manual transfer case and manual hubs. On any of my TTB Dana 28s never ever wore one out. My Explorer on the other hand. I have gone thru 2.5 sets of those splined axle shaft spacers. Did gear/swaps from...

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