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  1. 2drxploder

    How low would you say?

    C-notch for the rear? Did not think this was necessary for the 4/5. I am currently running the expo rear with no notch
  2. 2drxploder

    Considering a carb’d or Sniper v8 swap in 2002 with PATS

    I'm running sniper on my 99 v8swap ranger. Install was easy.
  3. 2drxploder

    How low would you say?

    Bags are too expensive. And have no desire to drag frame with this truck. @snoranger your truck looks lower thin my current setup but i like it. How do you like djm kit? Ride ok? Anyone know how this works with explorer rear-end? The front springs barely sagged with v8 weight Trying to get...
  4. 2drxploder

    How low would you say?

    I have 99 ranger reg cab v-swapped, coil spring front end truck. Current suspension is cut 1 entire coil off front springs, and rear is expo swapped rear-end in expo configurations with a lift shackles to raise up slightly, was too low with just swap. I like this height or maybe slightly lower...
  5. 2drxploder

    5.0 Performance Upgrade Options.

    Sniper has a bad reputation. I had a bad unit out of the box. 2nd unit just fine, love it. Been the dd for over a month, while the 250 gets repairs. A proper install is essential. Looking back I should have got the termx. I have a full-size bronco I'm reviving, May put sniper on it and get...
  6. 2drxploder

    5.0 Performance Upgrade Options.

    Think what you want. My tbi will be happy with any cam/head combo. For roughly 600hp. Try that with an expo ecu running things. It can work, but will cost alot more than sniper. Plus I have 2-step, nos controls, and several other options available with it. Not saying it's right for everyone, but...
  7. 2drxploder

    8.8 lsd + upgrade options

    So the expo 8.8 in the ranger is a little tired. I've never liked c-clips either. So what options yall used/like? Replace clutches, aftermarket lsd? Would definitely like it to be 2 tire fryer. Hit n miss now. 2wd v-8 swapped t5. 3.73 I think
  8. 2drxploder

    New tools you've bought recently?

    6in. Digital caliper, feeler gauges, oe style hose clamp tool
  9. 2drxploder

    Wanted A9l foxbody ecm

    looking for an a9l ecm. trying to get the bronco back going it has a painless 5.0 swap harness i think it it 90-93 mustang 5.0 ecm
  10. 2drxploder

    Here are actual comparison pictures of the Torque Monster, Ford Motorsport, and OBX Headers.

    what headers are you going to? the obx wont fit the twisted wedge heads?
  11. 2drxploder

    5.0 Performance Upgrade Options.

    I'm running bcam,1.7 roller rockers, 347 in a 99 ranger, w tm headers. Was not happy with it. Switched to a carb manifold, distributor, and a holley sniper 1st gen. WOW what a difference! They recently released a 2nd gen sniper efi, don't know much about it though. Something to think about, and...
  12. 2drxploder


    Bullnoze f100 sitting behind my brothers house. I want this truck. Knocked on the door, no answer. Truck looked pretty solid, I just peeked tho.
  13. 2drxploder

    New tools you've bought recently?

    got a HF nut rivet gun, yet to try out, and small wire burshes, along w/ few other el-cheapo things while cruising the aisle of new HF store. also scored a brand new dremel with flex shaft and nice aluminum case-gifted to me! my brother has also been using the shop for his mustang and he...
  14. 2drxploder

    What did YOU do today?

    started repairing the rc crawler. it had a short-term position as a submarine then sat for 2 years. cleaning axles, regrease, new bushings, and a new motor esc combo cuz i got one. redcat gen8 axe. the little axle parts are freaking awesome! this model even has portals!
  15. 2drxploder

    Plug wires for TM headers on 5.0 swap

    ok still fighting this gremlin. the accel ceramic wires were a waste of money. anyone can chime in here? ive tried different "socks", wires, plug boot angles, changed routing. all have the same result, burning rear cylinder on driver's side
  16. 2drxploder

    Todays weather

    Rain for 4 days and counting
  17. 2drxploder

    Farm and Garden

    I know its early, but I'm thinking of over-winteting 2 to 4 of my bell peppers as an experiment. Thoughts? Tried it before? I live in south carolina, they are in containers. Im thinking prune back, refresh potting soil, and move in shop during frost/cooler temps. I have a cheap led grow light I...
  18. 2drxploder

    Farm and Garden

    My new to me and free running, driving, and grass cutting zero turn. Needs some work, but due to cost re-sale is almost all profit. A Yazoo max2 61". And a pic of the wheel horse 520h with 26x12x12 tires i got (also free). Stock size is 23x10.5x12. Had to put spacer under seat pan/rear fender
  19. 2drxploder

    90 ford ranger 302 swap holly terminator x

    I put a holley sniper on my 99 ranger 347. First unit was faulty out of the box, took some back n forth with holley, but I ended up with a new unit. Still running the self learning tune. Will get it tuned after I get some heads n a bigger cam. It was a big upgrade to the expo ecu o had before...
  20. 2drxploder

    Farm and Garden

    I could, wheelhorses are with good money, trying to treat it as in investment and keep it original

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