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  1. 98greenrangerguy

    2.5L thermostat housing

    Anyone have any tips on getting out the passenger side bolt on the thermostat cover? I figured it would be a quick 30 minute job. Boy was I wrong!!! I couldn't see or even feel the stupid bolt from the top. Using an old work light, I was finally able to spot it from underneath. I then...
  2. 98greenrangerguy

    hub size

    When did Ford increase the size of the wheel hubs on the 2wd Rangers? I have some old "deerhoof" style rims that I plan to sell, but I'm not sure what they will fit on. They won't fit on my 98 because the center bores are to small.
  3. 98greenrangerguy


    We haven't seen this much snow in almost 15 years! They're saying we might get 3-5 inches. :yahoo:
  4. 98greenrangerguy

    Aqua Dots

    I'm sure most of you have heard about these things by now. Apparently these little beads have some type of chemical coating that turns into the date rape drug GHB when ingested. It didn't suprise me when I found out they were manufactured in China...

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