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  1. What did YOU do today?

    That's the float switch for the automatic pontoons.
  2. What did YOU do today?

    Is it completely inop or does it work intermittently? If intermittent can Forscan give you a “first out?” If it’s always inop there should be a step by step test somewhere that you can follow. I’m not 100% sure this will solve my issue as it’s an intermittent problem, but the switches did test...
  3. What did YOU do today?

    The cruise in my F250 has been dropping out intermittently. According to the pinpoint test the switch in the wheel is to blame. I found some listed on eBay but figured I’d try the U-Pull and scored a new set of switches and an HVAC control unit to replace my janky loose one. If this set of...
  4. Stupid Question

    Results are in: 1994 F250 has no clearcoat. I tested a few spots and the white paint rubbed off. It is also chalky everywhere, oxidation I assume. 1983 Ranger I believe had no clearcoat from the factory. The driver door and pillars are shinier than the rest of the truck so it probably had...
  5. Stupid Question

    Since moving to Florida I've watched the sun wreak havoc on the paint of my 1983 Ranger and the topper on my newer Dodge. Some areas of the Ranger have what looks like clearcoat peeling in places. Others are just dull looking. The topper has peeling clearcoat, but is still shiny when cleaned...
  6. Wish we could get this here...

    Temporarily. You’ll blink a couple times and in your backseat there will be a 6’+ gangly teenager. That’s what happened to us anyway. I think you can get Ford and Ram crew cabs with the 6.5’ bed right? I know the 4th gen Rams were available that way but I wasn’t able to find one when the time...
  7. Wish we could get this here...

    I think Ram did something similar with the 4th gens too. They were available new as of a year ago alongside the 5th gens.

    A former coworker of mine used to ride his horse to the local watering hole. The horse knew the way home and would carry him there, sometimes literally passed out I guess.
  9. Purolator oil filters?

    I just bought an Fl-1995 yesterday at Wally for the F250 and almost fainted. $27. I’ll admit my memory is not great but I want to say they were around $12 a few years ago when I bought the truck.
  10. New tools you've bought recently?

    I bought some epoxy resin from a new supplier. I like to buy the pump handle sets so it makes measurement easy - for 3:1 the resin pump is 3x larger than the hardener for example. I only needed a small amount so I bought a quart of resin, which came with the requisite 1/3 quart of hardener...
  11. Footwear of choice?

    The most comfy boots I've had are made by a company called Crispi. They're from Italy and they make hiking and hunting boots. I've put many many miles on them and aside from heel hotspots once in a while they're great. They're kind of expensive though but do seem to last. I used to burn up a...
  12. What did YOU do today?

    Super cool! Looks like some snowshoes or XC skis are in order. Bummer about the sleds, looks like it would be fun sledding too. Renting is tough when I know I can get a janky POS for the same or less, and what fun is a snowmobile trip if you know you're making it back?
  13. 2.3L One Piece Oil Pan Gasket

    Back at this again. I redid the gasket back in 2021, but ended up trying another 4-piece thinking maybe I just didn't clean things well enough the first time. It held for about a year, then started slow-dripping. It wasn't a lot so I just ignored it. Since I've moved here I mostly use my...
  14. Who else here on the ranger station loves their ranger ?

    Funny that this should come up. I just read an article about a guy that was in love with his Monte Carlo. I’ll spare the details but I don’t know that I would say I love my Ranger. The bar has been set pretty high.
  15. Todays weather

    That’s not any different than up North!!
  16. 2001 Ramcharger

    https://www.autoblog.com/2024/01/16/junkyard-gem-2001-dodge-ramcharger/ I never knew they made these in the 2nd gen body style. Too bad they were only made in Mexico; I'd imagine now one could be imported. Would be really cool to put a CTD in it!
  17. Todays weather

    I noticed this when I lived up North. It usually set in around mid-February, when it was weeks into the bitterest part of winter, so I figured it was because we were all just crabby and needed something to complain about. The worst are the cold snaps that come in March/April. You'll get a...

    I saw the little sundog in the pic above and it reminded me of this pic. Loved seeing sundogs and moon dogs, even though it usually meant inhospitable cold.
  19. What did YOU do today?

    My son and I went on a short canoe trip. Used the brown bomber to haul the canoe and it worked great. Easy height for loading/unloading and the topper makes a big platform for it. We went up a small creek a few miles and turned around. Not much wildlife today, it was overcast, drizzly, and cool.

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