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  1. Bill G

    TRS 20th Anniversary Patch - Want One?

    I was just getting ready to post that I sent you some money. Thanks
  2. Bill G

    Ford to offer a TRS Edition Ford Ranger this summer...

    That's pretty awesome! I guess I have been super out of touch. Maybe it's time to bring the turboranger out of moth balls.
  3. Bill G

    Ford to offer a TRS Edition Ford Ranger this summer...

    When I first saw this posted on Facebook, I thought to myself wow what a long way the forum must have gone since I had been there. I can remember back 10 years when Ford sent a cease and desist letter to you for selling stickers. Now they're making a TRS edition Ranger. But it was just a April...
  4. Bill G

    Frank Austin AKA Citoriplus

    While it's been several years since I have been active here on The Ranger Station, I have a message to pass along to the older members of TRS. I received an email this morning from DaveR letting me know that Frank Austin AKA Citoriplus passed away last week. His services are Wednesday if anyone...
  5. Bill G

    Rebuilding the Mazda M50D-R1

    Start with basics: 1992 2WD 2.3 with the Mazda M50D-R1 transmission One or more of the bearings are making noise. I have taken it upon myself to replace the bearings and anything else damaged. I have taken the transmission out and have partially taken it apart. I have read Allan D's field...
  6. Bill G

    So what should be included here?

    Posted by Dave R: I see that we are now open to any engine running forced induction. So here are the ones that I know about.. People whom have running vehicles..(in no particular order) Dave R ('92 2.3 turbo) JuBean ('94 2.3 turbo) George ('92 2.3 turbo) C.Marshall ('86 2.3 turbo 4x4)...

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