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  1. Weasel

    Universal Joints

    Just for a quick confirmation here. The U-Joints on a 2008 RWD are the same front and back, and there's just the two of them for the driveshaft? Trying to order some and several websites decided they wanted to make it more difficult by offering about 394 different options (that may be an...
  2. Weasel

    Aftermarket Radio recommendations

    I've an Android head unit in mine (ATOTO A6). It's fairly simply to use and you'd be able to customize to some extent. Of course, having to connect it to my phone for internet access for navigation adds some complication. Units are available that can use a SIM, and you can get data only...
  3. Weasel

    What about these aftermarket LED head and tail lights?

    I can't speak for your location but some jurisdictions have laws regulating the changes you can make to your cars external lighting. Probably nothing that would prevent you from going forward with LED but always something to keep in mind.
  4. Weasel

    92 Ranger Turn Signal bugs

    Redo the splices and test again. If the results are favorable then have a beer and make the splices permanent with the recommended soldering, enclosed in shrink wrap. Ensure to tie off any wire to something sturdy to reduce movement. Have second beer.
  5. Weasel

    Will this fit '97 Ranger

    It's a double din and it should fit without issue. The wire colors are pretty standard, except Ford. Whether it's specific to the Ranger, I don't know. I was revisiting it a few weeks ago when I was fixing my aftermarket keyless entry and accidentally tore my speaker connection so I had to look...
  6. Weasel


    I don't have a tractor. Well, maybe. I have a Ryobi electric riding lawnmower. It works only when it wants to. Sometimes the blades work, sometimes they don't and I've not yet been able to figure out why. The diagnostics tells me they should be running. Last year, blowing out the deck (air) and...
  7. Weasel

    92 Ranger Turn Signal bugs

    Check the voltage to the lights when in the various situations to see what level of voltage it is getting at the lights vs the light side of the relay, and the voltage before the relay. Check for resistance as well. If there is an issue with that (shorting) it could lower the voltage to the...
  8. Weasel


    Thanks for the helps. I ordered a pair and replaced both driver and passenger. They were relatively easy to take off with the grinder. The truck seems happier though I still have a vibration which feels, to me, to be the tire. I may stick the spare on and see if that clears it up. I original...
  9. Weasel


    I'm a bad member. I drifted off participation and now return because I have an issue. I promise to try and be more active but with Squirrel Brain, anything is possible. Anyway. I had some noises that increased on acceleration, like a squeak. Ir also developed a vibration. In an effort to...
  10. Weasel

    Inability to grasp the concept of my exhaust repair

    Therein lies the problem. I bought the pieces based on those dimensions. Now I'm not sure which piece to get another one for, and exactly what size I should get. Both ends up the existing pipe are, of course, rusted. I probably could replace one side. It will seat the gasket then it is now...
  11. Weasel

    Inability to grasp the concept of my exhaust repair

    I seem to be having the darndest time trying to figure out my exhaust repair. I've been running with a temporary fix that still manages to leave a larger leak than I'd rather. Not that I want a leak. So I ordered what I thought were the right parts. The OD of both is, as you can see, the same...
  12. Weasel

    2.3L ('02-'11) Exhaust leak at cat flange

    I have an exhaust leak at the converter flange. I've watched youtube videos on the various solutions, such as split flanges. The one that I'm thinking makes the most sense is the adapter since I don't know the state of the flare at the end of the pipe. The problem I'm having is trying to...
  13. Weasel

    My 08 make-over

    Sorry. I tend to drift away from forums sometime and it becomes somewhat infrequent The stereo is an ATOTO stereo that runs Android. I bought this particular one at an auction, but it's readily available through Amazon or Aliexpress if you're feeling adventurous. It's a simple installation...
  14. Weasel

    My 08 make-over

    I'm very much amateur in terms of doing a makeover of any vehicle since I hadn't actually done it before. Still, the project was, at times, fun, frustrating, confusing, and exhausting. I think it took me many times longer than it should have. In the end, I'm moderately pleased with the results...
  15. Weasel

    Removing mounting bracket from track slide

    In my quest to get bucket seats in my reg cab I broke the pivot point for the seat's slide handle. I do have some different seats (third set. sheesh) that are going to work this time, but the floor mounting brackets aren't compatible with the regular cab. Removing the floor bracket from the...
  16. Weasel

    Where to find Interior paint

    My research on this very subject lead me to find that SEM Color Coat seems to be the product of choice. For me, with a grey interior, Presidio looks like it's the best match.
  17. Weasel

    Seat Kwestchuns

    So it is otherwise important. I'm going to have to revisit how I'm doing the seats, obviously. Thanks. A quick Google shows me that, based on pictures, it is what you say.
  18. Weasel

    Seat Kwestchuns

    I may have mentioned before I picked up some bucket seats for my 08. The seats were from a 2000. Both standard cap. So the 2000 seats will straight bolt into the cab without any problems. However... The 2000 has different seat pans. I managed to retrofit the 2008 passenger airbag pressure...
  19. Weasel

    Back glass. Looking for hints, tips, recommendations

    I'm still here! Picked up a tinted slider window at the wreckers that I'm going to install at some point. I've watched a few videos, read a few things but I thought I'd get some opinions. Which urethane would you use for this type of work? Have you (non-specific you) ever replaced the back...
  20. Weasel

    What was your Pick A Part Find Today?

    I managed to get two bucket seats from a reg cab Ranger that I'll put in tomorrow. I also got a back glass with slider which I'm hoping to install. Oh, I also found some money in the JY vehicle I was taking the stuff out of. Only $3, but it covered most of the tax so...score, I guess.

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