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  1. 2.3L ('02-'11) 2010 in a 03

    block and head were the only things he used from the 10. He even swapped over the 03 valve cover, but that shouldn’t matter should it?
  2. 2.3L ('02-'11) 2010 in a 03

    Would the adaptive values for fuel trim need to be reset?
  3. 2.3L ('02-'11) 2010 in a 03

    I will ask him, but im 99% sure all he swapped was the block and head.
  4. 2.3L ('02-'11) 2010 in a 03

    He’s checked for pinched wires and for a vacuum leak with brake cleaner and a done a smoke test. Is there any reason the 10 block won’t work in the 03?
  5. 2.3L ('02-'11) 2010 in a 03

    I had a 2010 2.3 swapped into my 03 ranger. It seems to run good but is throwing a P2195 code and he can’t figure it out. He has checked literally everything with no luck. He thinks since the reman long block part numbers are different that they aren’t compatible. Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. Why did ford stop making the 3.0?

    were the sales down? I'm in the market for a new or newish truck and dont know what to get. it needs to be a 2wd and auto. I found a good deal on a 08 with a 3.0 (20k miles) and i really like it, but dont want to be making a mistake by buying a motor thats not made any more. I also drove a new...
  7. grease fitting?

    99, 4cyl, 5 speed......i noticed what looked like a grease fitting under my truck on the side of the trans yesterday. is that what it is or is it the bleeder for the slave cylinder?
  8. help! 1676 and 1939 code...

    changed out some dash lights and noticed the abs light bulb was burnt out, too...come to find out ive got a B1676 (batt pack volt out of range)and C1939 (brake pressure switch circuit fail) code. apparently, i bought the truck with the abs light burnt out and just caught it. ive searched here...
  9. what trans is in my 02?

    3.0, 2wd....from the searching ive done, i think its a 5r55e but cant find any hard evidence on it. feels like it shifts 5 times:icon_confused:is the trans in my truck a good one or not? thanks for the help:icon_thumby:
  10. cruise buttons not illuminated?

    i picked up a nice 02 yesterday and the cruise works perfectly, but the buttons on the left side of the steering wheel are not illuminated at night. i didnt see a bulb to change...do i have to replace the whole left side button assembly? i searched and found nothing...
  11. composite diff cover replacement?

    changed the gear oil in my 8.8 today and that cover is a joke. :fie: tried a stock steel cover and obviously it didnt fit. my question is how do i know what aftermaket covers will clear the ring gear? from my forum searching, ive found some aftermarket covers dont fit...
  12. anyone use superlift coil shims on a stock truck?

    my 93 is completely stock with 31's. its a regular cab so its got an aweful rake. id like to bring the front up an inch at the most without having to worry about "squeezing" all the camber out of it:icon_rofl: i can align it myself, but i just dont like maxing the stock stuff out. i used...
  13. 8.8 swap in a 2wd 00 ranger...

    im considering swapping a 8.8 in my 00 ranger, but have a few questions. what axles would be a direct swap? i know where i can get a disc 8.8 from a 98 explorer, but im worried about a hassle hooking up the e brake. would a drum 8.8 for the same year model be an easier swap? TIA
  14. rack and pinion "rattle"

    ive got a slight rattle coming from my rack and pinion. its side to side play and im wondering if there is any kind of inner tied rod thats replacable under the rubber boot, or if i need a whole ned r & p?? TIA
  15. 3.0 sputtering/cutting out at low rpm

    i noticed the other day my 2000 3.0 will sputter or cut out for a split second(usually several times) at lower rpm's, but it doesnt seem to do it above 1500 rpm's. i know they should be reved higher, but what its doing is not normal. what really bothers me is it will cut out when i let out the...
  16. HELP!! interior light will not go off..

    2000 3.0 5 speed.... i noticed last night when i got in and closed the door the overhead light didnt go off. i re closed it and it went off. today it stayed on all day. i took the drivers side door panel off and tried un plugging the sensor with no luck. i also tried jumping the plug to get...
  17. 2.5's and trans adaptors

    are their any other manual transmissions that can be adapted to the 2.5?
  18. installing factory tach - got a few questions...

    i picked up a tach cluster today from a 99 with a 3.0 in it. i should be able to just plug it up and it work correctly right?? also, is there a way to swap the odometer out?? i took the clear cover off the guages and peeled most of the face cover thing back but didnt see how to get the...

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